Abuser encased kitten in construction foam then threw him in a trash bin

I don’t really want to write about this because it’s too negative and nasty and this sort of incident happens too often but I feel that I should report it because the person needs to be punished and this page might just help in that goal.

Kitten sprayed with contruction foam and chucked in waste bin
The tiny kitten was covered in construction foam, then tossed into a bin, where it was spotted and saved by an observant garbage man (Pictures: Washington County Sheriff’s Office)
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A vile animal abuser sprayed construction foam on a kitten’s face and body then hurled him or her into the trash to die. Perhaps the abuser is a local builder and was working nearby. I’d start with that possibility.

Fortunately there is a happy ending because the garbage collector noticed something odd about the garbage bin he was trying to empty. He looked and saw the kitten and then rescued him. He was making his rounds in Hillsboro, Oregon on May 3, 2019. It appears that he carried the rescued kitten back to his waste disposal facility where, with colleagues, they attempted to free the kitten from the foam.

Afterwards they took the kitten to a veterinarian at Washington County Animal Services were the remainder of the foam was removed from his head and body.

Law enforcement is investigating. The trash bin is shared between a number of properties and is close to a place where two feral cats and their newborn kittens both live.

The police officers plan to return the kitten to the residents who care for these feral cats. It looks as though the general opinion is that the kitten is a member of the feral cat families living nearby.

Comment: clearly at this place there are people who care for feral cats and there are also people who hate feral cats. I would hope that those who care for them know the people who hate them and can therefore point law enforcement in the right direction.

Note: if more information turns up later online I’ll add it to this page.

Source: Metro.co.uk.

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4 thoughts on “Abuser encased kitten in construction foam then threw him in a trash bin”

  1. That kitten is young enough to be socialized and put up for adoption. The remaining kittens should be trapped and fostered so they can go to forever homes and stop the crazy cycle

  2. The person who did this was not just wanting to get rid of the cats, he wanted this cat to suffer. No rational human being would do this even if he felt the cats were an annoyance. He wanted the kitten to die slowly, being afraid.

    I wish the cat could have been adopted so nothing like that could ever happen to him again. Being put back in the feral cat colony leaves him at risk of being victimized again. Wish he could have been like my Monty instead. Monty is almost ten now, Michael. Hard to believe that much time has passed.


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