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Accused Cat Kicker Released From Jail Without Bond — 15 Comments

  1. Michael let me tell you a little story. I was working a convenience store one night. My boyfriend and another friend were sitting around when a friend of theirs walked in, went to the bathroom and then walked out. I didn’t think anything of it till I learn the friend who went to the bathroom went to another branch of the store, beat the woman who was working and robbed the store. Now in SC there’s supposed to be a 7yr minimum for strong armed robbery. This happened in 1998. In 2002 I read in the paper where this SAME man had robbed 4 convenience stores in the area. How was it he was out of jail? Well, this man is now working with KIDS in Greenville. Our laws suck!

  2. Idiot with pull on trousers dragged on making stupid hand signs, he should have been shoved in a dark cell and left to rot, as should all animal abusers. This world has been turned rotten by incidents like this where people walk away scott free after acts of cruelty that make decent people sick to the stomach

  3. What that judge did was to set into motion what the probable outcome will be, ie. virtually, nothing.
    Apparently his lengthy criminal history, which includes knife point robbery, didn’t have any influence in the decision to let him bond out.

    My form of justice is somewhat different.
    Once he recovered from his mighty groin kick, he would stay in jail. Sentencing would include jail time, hefty community service (preferrably cleaning shelters), restitution for the time, effort, and expense of the rescue team, and a lengthy period of probation.

  4. Thanks, the judge, for showing others what is good and will be encouraged and tolerated by the society. Thanks for showing and teaching us the best role model. Where is Your pet do you say? I’m sure the guy will be happy to continue doing what he started to be patted on the back.

  5. I don’t give a good darn if he worked for 75 years. He should remain in jail until his trial. This is truly disgusting and makes me want to hurl my breakfast in fact.

    Animal cruelty is a very serious crime! It should be treated in the same way as cruelty to children (or adults).


  6. Judge Jane Tully made the decision that since the cat was found uninjured

    What about psychological injuries? And was a vet’s report submitted? No for sure.

    Also the criminal intent of assault does not depend on the degree of injury. The degree of injury affects compensation but not the what is called mens rea (criminal intent).

    There are aggravating factors as the charge indicates. No remorse. Callousness etc.. clear intent to cause serious injury.

    Poor judge I guess. Does not surprise me.

  7. Just because the cat was lucky and is assumed not have been injured then Robinson also gets lucky and receives only a slap on the wrist. Luck seems to be a more important factor than criminal intent and assault in this case. Great legal system and and such a Lulu of a Lawyer.

  8. I feel livid that this cruel yob has walked free. Even if the cat has no physical injuries, which I find hard to believe having watched that video of him being kicked, he must have mental trauma! That’s easily proved by the fact he ran away from people trying to catch him to help him.
    Well I tell you if that scumbag lived in our neighbourhood he wouldn’t dare show his face ever again if he wanted to stay alive!

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