American on Facebook names Welsh teenage thugs who killed pet cat with their dog

Teenager who killed a cat with a dog in Wales. He can't be named in the UK.

They committed a disgusting crime of animal cruelty against someone’s pet cat. In the UK we can’t name them for legal reasons because they are teenagers. However, an American, outside of UK jurisdiction, has named them. In the age of … please continue reading

Allegedly disturbed boy who abused and killed a cat is let off because he’s a minor

The mentally ill boy who tortured a cat

I am revisiting a story I wrote on June 23rd about a boy who tortured and killed a domestic cat in Clinton, Iowa (opens a new window). The boy is Jonathan Trude. He is 12-years-of-age. His parents say that he … please continue reading

Sensible judge makes $62k restitution order against women in cat cruelty case

cat hoarders' home

Lannie and Amanda Price, a mother and daughter, living in Lansing, America were convicted of animal cruelty (a misdemeanour, a more serious crime) because they hoarded lots of cats and many of them had died. That is a pretty typical … please continue reading

Raging At Animal Abusers

Rage at animal abuse

Rage is one of the emotions that people feel when their companion animal is abused. The rage is often compounded by frustration at the failure to achieve justice and retribution. It is rage followed by frustration leading to more anger. … please continue reading

United Animal Coalition Fined $300,000 in NC for Animal Abuse and Neglect

The animal advocacy community has kept their eyes on North Carolina over the summer, as allegations against both the Guilford and Davidson County animal shelter have made national news. This has resulted in an historic fine of $300,000 being issued … please continue reading

RSPCA publicly apologises for wrongly killing a domestic cat

UK — You may remember the RSPCA case of Claude, a long-haired Turkish Angora cat living in Britain who was very old with matted fur. He does look bad in the photo, admittedly, but it was not within the remit … please continue reading

RSPCA zealots force owners to put down their cat because of matted fur

This is another example of misguided zealotry by an RSPCA inspector. It is quite shocking. The story concerns a Turkish Van cat living in Tring, Hertfordshire, England. In Europe and America the Turkish Van is a semi-long-haired purebred cat. This … please continue reading