Allegedly cat held hostage in high profile business negotiations

A convoluted story of business negotiations and possible shenanigans (if you are a cynical old-timer like me) concerning businessman Tim Pool, an associate or partner of his, Emily Molli and Betsy, who is Molli’s cat.

Pool Molli and Betsy the cat held as hostage in business negotiations allegedly
Pool, Molli and Betsy the cat held as hostage in business negotiations allegedly. Screenshot.
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Pool is a multi-millionaire YouTuber and businessman who got rich on disseminating the news. That’s how I see it but like I said it is convoluted. His YouTube channel has over 1.1 billion views. Note: you can make a lot of money, in the millions, in advertising revenue on YouTube with those kinds of numbers. Perhaps Pool makes most of his money on Google AdSense advertising on YouTube.

There is confusion – that’s the only way you can describe it – over whether Betsy was really held hostage in business dealings or if it is a mix up. It is hard to get to the bottom of it and do we care? The video goes over the ground if you are interested. As I said, it is unclear to me if the cat was genuinely held hostage as leverage in business negotiations.

Note: sometimes these videos go wrong. They get pulled by YouTube admin which means you are left with a grey blank for a video. As this is a developing and controversial news story it would not surprise me if YouTube admin got involved. They are a very touchy, snowflakey, bunch of young males. Also please watch the video here and not on YouTube. Thanks if you do 🙂 .

I am only interested in the cat part of this saga. Tim said that he never had custody of the cat. Betsy was eventually returned to Molli ‘through an animal shelter and a Maryland sheriff’s office’. But it is claimed that the cat was handed over after the police were involved.


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