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An Example of How Prosecuting Authorities Treat People and Cats Differently — 3 Comments

  1. The child, ofcourse, is another story. Depending on his age, he has now learned that life is of no value as evidenced by the neglected cats. His self-worth is in the toilet. He may, assuredly, become an animal abuser.
    But, is his sorry life worth any more that any other neglected/abused creature? Ofcourse not.
    All are equal and deserving of a safe and fulfilling life.
    I’m not religious by any means; but, I believe that all creatures were placed here for a purpose and have the same rights as any other, which includes freedom and the ability to live without fear.
    What will it take until we get it?

  2. I would be shocked if these cats were, actually, placed in a safe environment and up for adoption.
    I smell an animal control situation call. Kill shelters call themselves SHELTERS like many others.
    I would bet $$ that 90% of these sweet cats are dead today.

  3. It would be interesting to know in which state in the U.S.these crimes take place. Most states have W & I (Welfare and Institutions) codes that cover these types of crimes involving both people and animals.

    I am happy to see that the cats have been taken to shelters, and are available for adoption.

    What a tragic situation.

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