25% of 10–18-year-old kids in UK exposed to animal cruelty. Restrictions needed.

Kids on smartphones accessing social media platforms where they are likely to see animal cruelty content that should not be there

The RSPCA have, at last, caught on to the fact that social media is provoking or encouraging kids to engage in animal cruelty. It’s a complicated issue but essentially the RSPCA is saying that children “torture animals for likes on social media”. Tell me something new. This has been an issue for years. Millions …

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Kids of animal abusers should be in foster care

This family is animal welfare aware. Parent hand down good animal husbandry ideas.

The title might aggravate some people. Particularly animal abusers 😎😉. I’ll give you my thinking on this. Or perhaps you have guessed it already. My theory is that animal abuse is passed down from parent to children along the family bloodline. It is a never-ending process and only stops when one set of parents …

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Can children learn to identify dog aggression with age and experience?

Child interacting with a dog

Certainly! According to a recently published study conducted by researchers at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, both age and experience play a role in children’s ability to recognize dog emotions, particularly aggression. The study has been reported widely in the news media. Here are the key findings from the study: In summary, children can indeed learn to identify …

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UK’s teenage girls are like canaries in a coal mine signalling dire world problems

The schoolkids are signalling to the adults that they are screwing up in managing the planet so they stop eating in a kind of protest

The kids – acting like canaries in a coal mine – are signalling to the adults that they are screwing up the management of the planet. The self-indulgent, egocentric adults don’t get it but the kids do. The kids see it and feel it. They see a bleak future but the adults are still …

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Cat and dog owners tend to underestimate the weight of their obese companion animals

Obese people and obese cats

I have just written an article about an obesity epidemic among people in Great Britain and I tied that sad information in with a well-known obesity epidemic among domestic cats in Britain. And while searching for that article I bumped into a study which was published in December 2023. It is, therefore, a recent …

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For improved health schoolchildren should do the cat litter and other cat chores in the evening

Yeh, time to do the cat litter tray and play with the family cat!

Here’s something for parents to get a hold of; something which might create a bit of fiction in the home but which will benefit the children and the family cat. There’s a study out at the moment published in The Times conducted at the University of Exeter which came to the conclusion that if …

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