Animal Health Clinic, Fargo, proudly declares they’ve stopped declawing cats. Don’t be proud, be ashamed.

COMMENT ON NEWS: This is obviously great news. Even if it is a single veterinary clinic in Fargo, USA which has decided to stop declawing cats, it is progress towards the eventual cessation of this discredited operation in North America. One day no veterinary clinics will perform the operation. The sooner that day arrives the better.

This is what declawing is
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This is what declawing is

What annoys me slightly is that the administrators of this veterinary clinic, which is situated at 1441 S. University Drive, Fargo, have declared to the world with great pride on their Facebook page that: “Effective immediately, we will no longer be offering feline declawing.”

Effective immediately, we will no longer be offering feline declawing.

In times where the emotional wellbeing of pets…

Posted by Animal Health Clinic on Monday, May 24, 2021

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They say that declawing is being phased out in Fear Free Certified Practices. This is obviously a chain of veterinary practices which is more good news.

They admit in their Facebook statement that: “Given the negative impact this procedure has on our feline companions, many of which are linked to a decline in emotional wellbeing, it is only appropriate that Fear Free and its certified practices commit to eliminating feline declawing as an elective procedure….”.

Yes, they admit that declawing causes an emotional decline in the cats who are victims of the procedure. Well, it’s nice to have an admission of failure. This veterinary clinic has therefore by admission been failing cats for decades. This is no time to declare with pride that they have stop declawing cats. This is a time for shame and guilt. The guilt of having unnecessarily performed the operation on countless numbers of kittens and cats to the great detriment of these animals.

Veterinarian Butchered the Toes of a Polydactyl Cat

After a botched declaw operation. Horror. How many are botched? Hundreds of thousands believe me. Photo: Paw Prints Howls and Purrs

To brutally remove an essential part of a cat’s anatomy at the convenience of the owner and for the furtherance of financial profit of the veterinary clinic is shameful. There is no other way to describe it. Animal Health Clinic in Fargo, should place an apology on their Facebook page for their failures in the past. They could have banned declawing at their clinic many, many years ago. And I bet many operations were botched too.

There has been pressure on American veterinarians for decades to stop declawing. They willingly and knowingly ignored this pressure and the moral issues. They willingly carried on knowing that they were in breach of the veterinarian’s oath. Vets who declaw are arguably evil.

What I want them to do now is to phone up other veterinary clinics in the area and beyond and convince them to stop declawing cats. This is one thing they can do to rectify the damage that they have done and to help clear their conscience if they have one.

P.S. Valley Veterinary Hospital, 3210 Main Ave., followed several weeks later with a July 9 Facebook post declaring that it, too, will let kitties be kitties.


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