Animal shelter is entirely empty of animals

No animals at this shelter
No animals at this shelter
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On Twitter there is a video of the interior of the shelter facility at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) and it is entirely empty of animals.

The tweet by Denver 7 News reports that HSPPR said that all their animals have been adopted this week.

On the HSPPR website there is a notice regarding Covid-19 which asks that people who find animals should take them home if it safe to do so and fill out a report which HSPPR will act on to reunite animals with their owners.

Shelter notice
Shelter notice about Covid-19.

The notice contains other information. It seems that one reason why the shelter is empty is because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is a strange video as we are constantly told that animal shelters are often at capacity and that they are reliant on foster homes for space.

The effect of Covid-19 on animal shelters and sanctuaries combined with the way veterinary clinics are now restricting services e.g. no spay and neuter, will have a big negative impact on how we deal with feral cats and conduct TNR across the USA. Elisa has written about this recently.

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