Humane Society breaks partnership with local authority because they secretly planned to trap and kill feral cats

Granite Shoals

NEWS AND COMMENT: For me this is an interesting story because it tells us, once again, how local authorities in America and in the UK and I presume other countries struggle with feral cats. Within local authorities there are council members who want to operate TNR programs as the method to control feral cat …

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The special cats of San Nicolas Island and the special person who looks after them

Maribel Ramirez at the Humane Soc campus feeding the San Nicolas Island cats

San Nicolas Island is one of California’s Channel Islands which are off the coast of southern California. San Nicolas is a pretty barren 14,000-acre island with an airfield because it’s been owned by the U.S. Navy since the 1950s. U.S. Navy personnel brought cats onto the island, and I guess some of them became …

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Tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees and their pets entering USA via Mexico

NEWS AND COMMENT-SAN DIEGO, USA: There is an interesting back story to the Facebook announcement by the San Diego Humane Society which posted that a Ukrainian refugee was able to reunite with her beloved Pomeranian after the dog had completed a 28-day rabies quarantine required by US law. The woman had entered the US …

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Security camera picture of a woman who is allegedly stealing a cat from Nebraska Humane Society

Woman steals a cat from a Humane Society rescue centre

The Nebraska Humane Society has provided news media with a photograph from a security camera at their shelter which shows a middle-aged woman walking with a tabby cat in her arms allegedly from the shelter with the intention of removing the cat from the shelter permanently and taking him or her home. This is …

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30-pound cat needs a special adopter to help him lose weight. How should they do it?

Chronically obese Sterling at the humane society

The Humane Society of Huron Valley (HSHV) is using their Facebook page to try and find a home for Sterling who weighs three times the normal weight for a cat of his size at 30 pounds. He is chronically obese. Cuddly, yes, but chronically obese to the point where his health is in jeopardy. …

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Sad “Big Red” a special ginger tabby feral cat who decided to be domesticated

Big Red

Big Red is a special ginger tabby feral cat, found in St George, Utah, USA, and rescued; and once rescued he decided to be domesticated and feel the warmth, both physical and emotional, of having a human caregiver look after him. I guess he had had enough of being a feral cat, struggling to …

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Councilman allegedly targeted 3 cats when driving down suburban road

Allegedly Councilman deliberately targets cats with his car

BEAVER COUNTY, Pennsylvania-NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a report on an online news media channel, Channel 11, which has taken its information from a Facebook post. The post is still live. However, please note that eventually this post will be deleted I expect. It just depends when. The link to the post is at …

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Community cats put to work in Chicago

Chicago community cat with remains of a squirrel

In an overly dramatic headline on one news media website, the author states that “1,000 feral cats unleashed on Chicago’s streets to fight rat problem”. That is not quite the way it is because the Tree House Humane Society have a “Cats at Work” programme in which they employ community cats as a deterrent …

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