Human treatment for Covid is being used on Cyprus’ cats suffering from Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a coronavirus


The news today is that surplus stocks of “unused coronavirus medication for humans will be made available to treat cats in Cyprus” (The Guardian) suffering from the mass outbreak of FIP (a different species of coronavirus). News media covered the story extensively and while doing so grossly exaggerated the deaths in stating that 300,000 had …

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How do I know if my cat has Covid?

Cat alleviates the unease of getting vaccinated against Covid in Manila, the capital of the Philippines

This page is in two parts. The first part was written and published on January 14, 2022. An update was needed because Covid is an evolving story. Also, the Omicron variant has different symptoms. The second part was written in July 16, 2020. That was at a time when people were learning about Covid. …

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Tragedy: 3 snow leopards die of Covid

3 snow leopards die of Covid at Lincoln Children's Zoo

NEWS AND COMMENT: Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Nebraska have announced on their Facebook page at November 12, 2021 that three snow leopards passed away due to complications of Covid-19. They name the leopards as: Ranney, Everest, and Makalu. In contrast, a couple of Sumatran tigers made full recoveries after contracting Covid. It makes you …

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China: when pets get Covid they are killed. When people get Covid they are treated. Unfair and immoral.

China is killing pets unnecessarily when they contract Covid

China is engaged in Draconian anti-Covid measures which are cruel and bewildering to outsiders and animal advocates. They have a zero-tolerance strategy but that zero tolerance applies to cats and dogs but not people. The ‘zero’ means zero life if a cat or dog tests positive for Covid. There are stories circulating that when …

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Don’t F***k**g Breathe on My Kitten you unvaxxed selfish POS

Amusing mockup of a book cover

I just got this book from the library 😉. Judging by the response to this tweet, this mockup of a book is very popular (see it below). It’s been done very well. It amused me. Like 90% of people in developed countries, I am one of those who strongly believes in and welcomes the …

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CHINA: Harbin authorities euthanized three domestic cats who contracted Covid

Miss Liu's Exotic Shorthair one of three cats owned by her that were euthanised

HARBIN, CHINA – NEWS AND COMMENT: This story is all over the Internet and I have written about it before. It is the first time that I have read a report online or in the printed news media of domestic cats being deliberately killed because they’d contracted Covid. It also seems likely that these …

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Cats love Zoom conferencing

Chris Platzer with cat in Zoom conference call

Another useful spin-off for the domestic cat from the coronavirus pandemic is Zoom conferencing. This form of remote conferencing which has proved immensely popular as a means to keep business going while maintaining social distancing is a boon for domestic cats because it combines two things that they like: computers and their human companion. …

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Transitioning for cats and humans from lockdown life to the real world

Cat home alone

There is talk of anxieties in people and pets at the end of the Covid social distancing lockdowns which have been implemented in many countries. They are going to be separated after 18 months of being together far more often. Both parties to the relationship are going to be pulled away from each other. …

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