Animal Shelter Staff Cuddle Animals After General Anesthetic

This is such a sweet photograph. Such tenderness. It’s lovely to see. Staff at BARCS – Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter – have a policy of cuddling cats and dogs when they wake up after an operation requiring a general anesthetic. They want their patients to feel loved and as relaxed as possible at a difficult and stressful moment. I love the idea. It makes for a great photograph too.

Animal Shelter Staff Cuddle Animals After General Anesthetics
Photo: BARCS.
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This is exactly what clients want to see from shelter staff. And what a great PR photo it is. Because there are often a lot of shelter animals, I think that there is pressure to treat shelter animals as numbers and to ‘process’ them. When staff personalize the treatment of their patients and give them their time our perception of an animal shelter takes on a whole different complexion.

BARCS have a fund for treating animals who are particularly vulnerable from a health standpoint. They are always seeking donations. On their website today they feature three animals: two dogs and a cat. Their stories are heartbreaking. Their lives are being repaired. They have a future with the help of BARCS and public donations. The 8-week-old cat was found badly burned. She will be fostered by a BARCS staff member. She is being cared for to a high standard but it’ll take time and funds. Her name is Poppy. Here she is. This is the link to the page on BARCS.

Poppy a badly burned 8 week old cat
Poppy a badly burned 8 week old cat. Photo: BARCS.

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2 thoughts on “Animal Shelter Staff Cuddle Animals After General Anesthetic”

  1. This is so beautiful to see! The poor babies come out of anesthesia shocked and scared. I love seeing how BARCS is caring for their furry patients with love and respect.

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