Volunteer animal shelter worker banned for criticising the shelter on Facebook

Girard a volunteer at an animal shelter was dismissed for speaking out on Facebook

NEWS AND OPINION: This is a story about an animal shelter volunteer whistleblower who was banned from the shelter. It is about ‘gagging’. And it has happened before, quite a lot in the US. Rhonda Girard was a volunteer at the Beaumont Animal Care shelter. She criticised the shelter management on her Facebook page …

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Animal shelter that says they are NOT a shelter have occupied a zoo

Cat rescue operate out of a closed zoo

St. Cats and Dogs of Nay Aug Zoo (“Street Cats”) is a non-profit animal shelter as far as I am concerned although I stress that they DON’T describe themselves as a shelter which I find strange as it looks like a shelter and a damned impressive one as well. In the video you’ll see …

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Silencing volunteers at animal shelters in the United States

Shelter workers' freedom of expression is protected by the First Amendment in the US

Nathan Winograd, an animal advocate and lawyer, has criticised the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control (LACDACC) about their policy which in effect silences volunteers working at animal shelters who want to expose malpractice. Mr Winograd tells me in an email that LACDACC have just released a policy which prohibits volunteers …

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Rescuing a kitty in Kherson (after the dam blast flooding)

Cat rescue from the floods at Kherson after the dam was destroyed

A tender and successful moment with cheers from those watching! NEWS AND VIEWS – UKRAINE: This is a short video of the animal rescue aspect of the Ukraine dam flooding disaster which, it is now been decided, was caused by an act of Russian terrorism; a blast which destroyed enough of the dam to …

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14 facts about the duration of stay at shelters by rescue cats

Pictures of sad shelter cats tend to go viral and enhance chance of adoption

At Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, the following statistics are provided by an online newspaper regarding the speed of adoption of cats within their care. I can’t find the information on the rescue’s website. The average length of stay for cats at the Kent location of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is, as expected, …

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The special cats of San Nicolas Island and the special person who looks after them

Maribel Ramirez at the Humane Soc campus feeding the San Nicolas Island cats

San Nicolas Island is one of California’s Channel Islands which are off the coast of southern California. San Nicolas is a pretty barren 14,000-acre island with an airfield because it’s been owned by the U.S. Navy since the 1950s. U.S. Navy personnel brought cats onto the island, and I guess some of them became …

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Clowder of shelter kittens try and escape their cage. Worker pushes them back.

Cat shelter worker has to be too firm with kittens as they try and escape their small glass-fronted cage.

Watch this cat shelter worker’s behavior and tell me what you think. I believe that the video was made in China or perhaps another Asian country and that this is an animal or cat shelter. The kittens want to get out of their little, glass-fronted cage. Of course. He opens the door and guess …

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Picture of cat before rescue from garbage chute. Believed someone pushed him down.

Believed that cat thrown down garbage chute, now rescued

This is a cat rescue story from Little Wanderers, a successful cat rescue organisation in New York City. They have a very high quality Instagram page where they have a large number of followers and also where they promote their organisation and fundraise. The story concerns a silver tabby, male cat who in the …

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