Here’s Butterball: His Last Day Is 7th May 2018

Butterball is another rescue cat at the Rowan County Animal Shelter. Today Elisa wrote about Hercules and his need to be adopted. Hercules wears an incredibly sad expression. I guess that’s why he caught her eye.

Butterball is a beautiful red tabby male cat. These are fantastic cats with great characters. I have written about the character of red tabby’s on another page and I believe that there is a connection between coat type and character in this instance. Red tabby cats have good solid personalities and make great pets.

Butterball a rescue cat.
Butterball, a red tabby rescue cat at Rowan County Animal Rescue who took the photo. The eye goop should not concern adopters in my opinion although I’d like the input of a staff worker on it.
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He looks sad and anxious. His face needs a wipe with a damp cloth because he has some eye goop on his face. On the face of it he looks healthy. I am sure life at an animal shelter is not great for a rescue cat even if the shelter is excellent. Plenty of strange strange people and strange noises combined with heavily curtailed freedom of movement. There a few other anxious looking cats on the Rowan County Animal Rescue page which I am sure is normal.

I hope he gets adopted before his time is up. Why did I select Butterball? Kellie said he has a great character. I don’t know but I think Kellie works at the shelter and is familiar with Butterball’s personality. Below is an embedded post from the Rowan County Animal Shelter Facebook page for Butterball:

P.S. Apologies for my stupid mistake on dates. I have amended the post. His last day is much sooner on 7th May. His adoption is urgent. I know all about American date formatting but got careless because the date looked viable although questionable using reading it using the UK format.

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4 thoughts on “Here’s Butterball: His Last Day Is 7th May 2018”

  1. Michael, This is American dating, so Butterball is available from May 2nd to May 7th. We do Month Day Year.

    I love Ginger kitties, but I am not in a position to help.

    1. OMG what a mess. That was careless of me. I know the dating format. Just got careless. I’ll amend now. So sorry.

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