Too many people are sceptical about the safety and efficacy of routine dog vaccines

There is a high level of scepticism about dog vaccines in America which is concerning and it arises out of the Covid-19 pandemic when there was a lot of misinformation promulgated on social media

It looks as if the rumour mill and conspiracy theories on social media which bombarded people during and after Covid-19 concerning vaccinations against the disease has affected people’s views of pet vaccinations. The experts say that the Covid-19 “infodemic” has undermined trust in vaccinations. This came about because there were hundreds of millions of …

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The kind of relationship you want to see between child and animal

Young girl enjoys the company of the family cat

The behaviour of the young girl in the video interacting with the family cat should be the parenting objective of all mothers and fathers as it will promote animal welfare going forward and improve the lives of both the cat and the child in the video. Of course, the parenting includes educating the child …

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Do domestic cats help children with developmental problems such as autism and ADHD?

Autism in kids and development problems and cats

I am sure that many parents have discussed whether adopting a cat or dog can help their child who has been diagnosed with autism or ADHD. There is quite a lot of information on the internet about the benefits of children with developmental problems interacting with animals. There are even programs run by charities …

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Cats help families of children with autism

Child and mother with cat

This article is about a discussion on the benefits of domestic cats to autistic children and to the families of those children. The first point to make is that a study (764 participants) published on 4 March 2020 in the online journal Springer Link, tells us that parents with lower incomes perceived benefits in …

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Anti-vaxxers say that vaccinations can cause pet autism

Vaccinations cause pet autism

Anti-vaxxers (people opposed to vaccinations) are suspicious about inoculations. They feel that they may cause autism in pets. This is an extension of the long-running debate about the possibility of vaccinations causing autism in children. Scientifically speaking that argument has been debunked but ordinary citizens with children and pets to look after remain suspicious. …

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