Why should I avoid adopting a traumatized cat?

You shouldn’t avoid adopting a traumatised cat and the question in the title begs many more questions such as: Those are just some of the questions I would ask. There will be more. Sometimes shelter cats can be labelled traumatised not because they are traumatised but because they are currently living in a shelter …

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Provision of veterinary services should be funded along the lines of the best human healthcare systems

Veterinary healthcare should mirror human healthcare hybrid systems

A cursory investigation will tell you that dogs are taken to the vets much more than cats and cats are not taken to the vets enough. Cat owners resist taking their cat to the vet. I am one of those cat owners. It is not about money for me but the hassle. But vets …

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Feline agoraphobia

I am not sure if writers about cats refer to ‘feline agoraphobia’. I have just thought about when writing about a beautiful, ginger Maine Coon (MC) who was let out into the garden (backyard) for the first time after a lifetime ‘locked up’ as a full-time indoor cat as they must be. MC can …

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When it is time to admit failure and rehome your cat

Old male cat screams all the time when living in a one-bedroom apartment and the female owner is at the end of her tether

There is a woman on the mumsnet.com website who is completely at the end of her tether. She hates the cat that she adopted. She had waited all her life to adopt a cat of her own. When she finally bought her own one-bedroomed flat on the second floo she adopted an older male …

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Can cats be bipolar?

Feline Mental Health

Can domestic cats suffer from bipolar disorder? A lot of websites answer the question. They seem to be saying, anecdotally, that domestic cats can suffer from this condition. But I seriously doubt that they are correct. What is bipolar disorder? It’s a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings. The episodes of extreme …

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Why does my cat bite his tail (to the point of injury)?

Cat bites tail vigorously

Here’s the deal: you can’t answer the question in the title in an article on the Internet. The problem is too deep and too complicated to do that. The answer depends upon observing the cat and looking at the conditions under which they behave and the circumstances of their self-mutilation plus medical diagnosis. And …

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