Are my cats suffering? How may I stop it?

Are my cats suffering? How may I stop it?

I have 5 indoor cats, all of them are presenting what seems to be sinus trouble. 2-3 years ago, they were all scratching ears and shaking their heads.

Two different vets assured me they were mite-free. Now they appear to be swallowing some mucus drip from the backs of their throats, their purrs sound congested, and at least two of them (who sleep with me) whimper and make irritated noises when I move or my husband snores and awakens them.

They do play with me, although they seem to tire quickly, just watching the string or feather move. they have been treated with advantix feline and heartworm preventative (feline).

One of them, my most retiring and timid, has lost at least two teeth, according to our last visit from a mobile vet. one has asthma, and we medicate him when he will let us. that involves much coaxing – he can detect half a pill inside a ball of cheese and will forego the treat to escape the medication.

Please please help us.


Hi….thanks for visiting and asking. I’ll take it that the vets are correct and that there are no ear mites present.

Advantix feline

You say that you treat your cats with “Advantix Feline”. This, I presume, is the flea treatment.

As far as I can tell Advantix is made for dogs. I can’t see it on the internet in a feline version and indeed there are strong warnings from one respected site saying that it should not be used on cats.

If you are using Advantix for dogs (and I am not sure and I am not criticising you), please stop immediately and seek veterinary advice to detox your cats. Advantix flea treatment for dogs is poisonous to cats.

However the symptoms you describe do not relate directly to those that are caused by being poisoned.

Heartworm preventative

You also say that you are administering heartworm preventative drugs to your cats.

I feel confident that you also keep dogs. Heartworm is common in dogs but rare in cats. There is no need to provide drug treatment in my opinion for a rare condition. All drugs are poisons.

Heartworm is spread by the mosquito bite. The saliva of the mosquito “harbours infective larvae”.

Heartworm in cats produces a cough, lethargy and loss of weight plus poor coat condition. There will be labored breathing. Theses symptoms are not present you indicate in your article.

As far as I am aware heartworm may be transmitted from dog to cat via the flea biting the dog, taking in heartworm larvae and them infecting the cat when it bites the cat.

However, I would not give cats dog drugs – they are two very different animals in terms of drug reactions. Please stop heartworm drug treatment but see your vet first about this.

Prevention of heartworm is by avoiding being bitten by a mosquito – difficult I guess. “Cats can get resonable protection if kept indoor during late afternoon and evening when mosquitoes are feeding”. {Source: Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook, Fully Revised and Updated

Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles: Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats

Sinus trouble

This is due to a secondary bacterial infection following a viral respiratory infection. Sinusitis can also be caused by an abscessed tooth (root of top premolar usually). The frontal sinus can become abscessed. Fungal infections can also cause sinus problems. As you mention that one cat has lost two teeth is might be the case that one or more of the other cats have teeth and gum problems. This should be checked out asap. Cat drooling.

Sinusitis is confirmed by X ray. Antibiotics are indicated. Feline Sinusitis.

I would check the status regarding underlying health too. Are there any underlying health issues of which upper respiratory infections are a symptom – see URIs and herpes virus etc.

Feline Asthma

I have written a page on this: Feline Asthma.


No criticism intended but I see a lot wrong with your set up and I find it strange that you have not seen a vet in a more purposeful way.

Please see a vet asap.

And please check out the drugs that you are giving your cats. That is the first step. I feel that the environment in which your cats find themselves is not wholly conducive to good health and that things must change.

You ask if your cats are suffering. My answer is a pretty confident, Yes. Please make changes.

Good luck.

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