Bengal Nose

'Bengal nose'

Bengal Nose – a comparison between a good nose and an affected nose – photo copyright Helmi Flick This page was first written, as I recall, in around 2009. It has been updated on more than one occasion including today June 5, 2022 at which point I have republished it. My understanding of the …

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“This cat is built Differently”

This cat is built differently

There are several things about this video which demand a comment 😁. The woman’s voice is mightily sexy and cute. It triggers something in my brain. Her voice is as cute as the cats. I don’t know if it is a real voice or digitally created. I have a feeling that it is the …

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Intermittent open-mouth locking in Persian cats

Persian cat

This is a condition which I have only just, today, bumped into on the Internet. It’s another inherited condition affecting Persian cats or it’s due to the abnormality of the bone structure of the Persian cat’s head. Although it is very rare. I’ve just written an article about the waning popularity of Persian cats …

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Lethargic cat with dry mouth and loss of appetite

Dry mouth in cats can cause the cat to lick their lips to try and moisten them

by Jennifer (Canada) These are some pertinent details: Cat 8 years old, not eating for 2 days now. Sleeping more than usual and not usual playful self. Dry mouth I need a reply right away? We’re terrified for our cat. Please contact with suggestions at: (note: MikeB deleted the email address as this …

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Inherited metabolic diseases in domestic cats

The Siamese cat has the most genetically inherited illnesses

The title describes disorders that produce degenerative changes in the central nervous system. They are determined by inherited genes. In each of the conditions listed a specific enzyme needed for nerve cell metabolism was missing. These conditions affect purebred cats and breeder should do their best to eliminate carriers from their breeding programme. Metabolic …

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What did Grumpy Cat die of?

Grumpy Cat

Without detail, we are told that Grumpy Cat A.K.A. Tardar Sauce died of “complications from a urinary tract infection on May 14, 2019” at the age of seven. Her lifespan was similar to that of Lil Bub (8). She entertained millions and was perhaps the most celebrated of all celebrity cats in the history …

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Pictures of Ugly Cats

Picture of an ugly cat

Here are seven pictures of ugly cats and it is very sad. It is not fun or even interesting. I am publishing them here for a serious reason but I don’t expect anyone to agree with my philosophical argument. They are all products of human intervention. Breeding failures. We don’t hear about the kittens …

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