Average weight of a cheetah

I provide accurate information on the average weights of male and female cheetahs in East and South West Africa. The first difficulty is that males are larger and heavier than females so we have to list them separately.

The best source of this kind of information is my book Wild Cats of the World by Mel and Fiona Sunquist. This is the best book on the wild cat species; buy a copy if you want to know about the wild cats. They refer to many research studies in providing their information. I have referred to these studies.


Cheetah. This is a painting and I don’t have the author’s name. Sorry.

Weight of the cheetah

They say that in East Africa the average weight of four males was 61 kilograms. The weight range was 58-65 kg. Also, in East Africa, the weight of two females was 41 kg and 63 kg. In reference to the same study the researchers found that 4 males in Southern Africa had an average weight of 55 kg (weight range: 50-62 kg). And one female in this area weighed 57 kg. The study was by R McLaughlin in 1970 called Aspects of the biology of cheetahs in Nairobi National Park.

Where the cheetah lives in general terms

Where the cheetah lives in general terms. Map: MikeB.

Seven males in South West Africa (Namibia) had an average weight of 53.9 kg. with a weight range of 39-59 kilograms. In the same area and under the same research study six females weighed, on average, 43 kg (36-48 kg). This study is called: The mammals of the southern African subregion. It was conducted by RHN Smithers in 1983.

Cheetah getting an ear rub petting session

Cheetah getting an ear rub petting session. Screenshot.

In a further study conducted by TM Caro in 1994 called Cheetahs of the Serengeti plains it was found that the average weight of 23 males was 41.4 kg with a weight range of 28.5-51.0 kg and the average weight of 19 females was 35.9 kg with a weight range of 21-43 kg.

The conversion for kilograms to pounds is to divide by 2.20462.

P.S. The internet states that the cheetahs’ average weight is between 75-125 pounds. That’s not much of an average: more a spread.


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