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Bald eagle eats black cat in middle of town (photo) — 2 Comments

  1. There’s not many bald eagles where I live; I read that they hang around lakes, anywhere in north America. But very much in Oregon and Washington – where I intend to move to. (Gulp!) I have to rethink this indoor/outdoor cat thing, or invest in feline body armor. That is one capable and serious threat.

    • As a European, I think that America is awash with wildlife but that is not the case especially with respect to eagles because the local people were fascinated with seeing the Eagle so it must have been quite a rare sighting. I am actually quite worried about American wildlife because as your population is growing quite rapidly wildlife is being squeezed out and commercial operations such as fracking will damage the environment and have an impact upon wildlife. And American settlements by which I mean housing and industrial estates are very extended because of the space that you have but one day they won’t be so much space.

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