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Is it illegal to shoot a cat with a BB gun? — 1 Comment

  1. Yes, it is illegal to shoot cats (or most any animal larger than a sparrow) with a BB-gun. BB-guns are defined in the USA as any air-rifle that shoots low-velocity projectiles of a small round “BB” shape and size of 0.172 to 0.173 inches in diameter. Usually with 300fps-700fps (feet per second) projectile velocity. “Air-soft” BB-guns that shoot larger plastic “BB”s often even less than that, some around 150fps, and are used for play-toy paper-target plinking.

    However, any air-rifle with ballistics speeds of 700fps (feet per second) up to 1200fps are considered legal for humanely hunting and killing small-game animals, such as cats. This has been widely published in articles for many years, such as this study from the University of Nebraska, “Feral Cats and Their Management” http://extensionpublications.unl.edu/assets/pdf/ec1781.pdf

    Anything at or above 1200fps ballistic velocity is, by law, considered a firearm (even if powered with compressed gasses) and must be used in accordance with local firearms ordinances (illegal to discharge “firearms” in most, but not all, areas zoned as “residential” unless for self-defense).

    Low-velocity “toy” BB-guns only maim or injure most animals shot with them, that IS illegal animal-cruelty. However, higher-power BB-guns can be legally used on smaller invasive-species birds (under invasive-species eradication laws, such as the “European House-Sparrow”, killed by the thousands each day in the USA) because a better BB-gun does kill them.

    Humanely dispatching (killing) an animal with enough firepower so it dies within a reasonable amount of time is legal under all laws in every nation.

    If you don’t believe that take up your psychotic disney-cartoon-educated beliefs with every department in every nation that issues hunting licenses.

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