Best self-cleaning cat litter trays (infographic)

First up: I am not getting commission on these recommendations :). I am just doing this to try and help. The infographic is based on Amazon sales. It is a good guide provided one treats reviews with a little caution. There are an extraordinary number of self-cleaning cat and dog litter boxes from different manufacturers on Amazon indicating that this is a big but competitive market. Pets products in general is a massive marketplace particularly in America. It is worth $76.8 billion currently and climbing. Price is the dominant factor is deciding the best self-cleaning cat litter box in 2023.

Infographic on the best self-cleaning cat litter trays.
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  1. I have a friend that told me these auto boxes actually cost less than $100 to make. I’ve switched to compressed wood pellet bedding I get at
    Tractor Supply a 40 pound bag costs $6 bucks. One bag lasts a month, it breaks down into saw dust! The house smells great I clean the 5 boxes every few days then dump it in my burn barrel and burn it with my paper trash.


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