Bizarre picture of a black cat lying on a carpet (explained)

This picture caught my eye on the Reddit website (u/Comrade_Vodka). Apparently, it has been around quite a while but I have never seen it before. The title of the picture is “To make a cute panorama picture”. I don’t understand that at all! But I do understand how it was made.

Bizarre black cat picture
Bizarre black cat picture (explained in the article). Please click for a larger image. Photo: Reddit.
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The original photograph was of a black cat lying on a beige carpet with a thick pile. I guess that is obvious 😎. And then the person who did the photo-editing copied a section of the carpet and pasted it over the black cat around the edges of the body to the point where the cat was reduced in size dramatically as you see in the photograph. It’s a simple case of copying a carpet section and then pasting it, but multiple times and in a very precise way to give the impression that the cat is made of a black fabric.

The task was made relatively easy because the carpet has a very even texture. This means that when it is pasted multiple times you can’t tell where the joins are. But I guess if you studied the picture carefully you might see the same segment of carpet replicated multiple times around the cat unless the creator has disguised this.

It must’ve taken quite a lot of experimentation and the person who did it should be praised because it is a clever bit of visualisation. Perhaps the best comment was by a wag who said: ‘If Picasso did taxidermy’ meaning it looks as though a taxidermist who had the skills and imagination of Picasso created this cat.

All the photo editors that you can buy online would be able to do this. The classic and perhaps best use one is Photoshop Elements. I used that for many years but feel that I don’t need to anymore and use Photoshop Express currently.

I would like to add that I always photo-edit every single photograph that I publish on my website. There is because they’re never quite good enough and often they are of very poor quality.

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