9 reasons why owls are ‘cats of the air’

Owl with young cat
Owl with young cat. Photo: Reddit.com.
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Some people in the know think that owls are ‘cats of the air’ because they have similar behavioural and anatomical characteristics. In the video we see an owl behaving just like a cat because they want to share the computer with their human caregiver. This is highly reminiscent of a domestic cat and I suspect that this owl likes the warmth that the computer gives off just as cats do.

Here is a list of behavioural and anatomical similarities to been cats and owls. It is courtesy Mark Jeffrey a member of the RSPB over 40 years.

Truly Unique Interspecies Friendship – Domestic Cat and Owl

Owls are very similar to domestic cats for the following reasons:

  1. They have adapted very successfully to a wide range of habitats – the domestic cat has adapted to the human environment 😎 and to all environments on the planet;
  2. They have evolved to be designed for nocturnal hunting – the cat is crepuscular;
  3. They’re very good at detecting prey with their hearing (good directional hearing for prey detection and localisation) – cats locate prey with their hearing;
  4. They have good binocular vision which provides good range-finding abilities;
  5. Their eyes are adapted for very low light conditions;
  6. The bodies are adapted for near-silent movement through their habitat which is very reminiscent of a cat stalking prey;
  7. The owl hunts similar prey animals to the domestic cat such as; small rodents, small birds reptiles and insects;
  8. Both have robust digestions which enables them to consume and digest or vomit up small bones, skin, fur and feathers – the cat is a natural born vomiter;
  9. Cats and owls can coexist quite nicely together.
  10. Owls are cats of the air
    Owls are cats of the air. Sharing the computer is very reminiscent of the domestic cat. Screenshot.

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