Pet owners are submitting their cats to cosmetic surgery to give them cartoonish Mickey Mouse ears

Surgical instrument to ostensibly surgically alter the shape of cat eats for cosmetic purposes in China

Is this story true? If it is true, it’s not good. We know that some breeders change the shape of their dog’s ears; called ear-cropping but this does not happen with cats except for feral cats under TNR programmes in which the top 20% of the left ear flap is removed surgically. The Mail …

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Staffordshire panther picture is a FAKE photo-edited picture with a fake history

The photo edited and the original picture side-by-side

The documentary filmmakers making the film Panthera Britannia Declassified about big cats in the UK countryside are relying heavily on a recently unearthed archive photograph stored at a facility called the Centre of Fortean Zoology. The assistant director of the facility, Carl Marshall, is very excited about the photograph. He said that it is …

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The Fennec Cat

Fennec cat

I bet you’ve never seen a FENNEC CAT before! Here it is courtesy TikTok. This is what a fennec tabby cat would look like if such a species of animal existed. But they don’t. The video is evidence of the amazingly accurate ‘filter’ video editing technology developed by TikTok. Yes, to be clear to …

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Picture of super-rare ‘serpent cat’ is a hoax

Wild cat species hoax

Well, it is a brilliant bit of photo-editing but that’s all it is. There are some very clever photo-editors nowadays. This looks like a photo of one of the small wild cat species such as the leopard cat or even the rusty-spotted cat which has been extensively photo-edited in great detail to dramatically alter …

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Bizarre picture of a black cat lying on a carpet (explained)

Bizarre black cat picture

This picture caught my eye on the Reddit website (u/Comrade_Vodka). Apparently, it has been around quite a while but I have never seen it before. The title of the picture is “To make a cute panorama picture”. I don’t understand that at all! But I do understand how it was made. The original photograph …

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