Bizarre picture of a black cat lying on a carpet (explained)

Bizarre black cat picture

This picture caught my eye on the Reddit website (u/Comrade_Vodka). Apparently, it has been around quite a while but I have never seen it before. The title of the picture is “To make a cute panorama picture”. I don’t understand that at all! But I do understand how it was made. The original photograph …

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Definition of copyright – does copyright of images still apply to the Internet?

Copyright symbol

Introduction The article discusses more than the definition of copyright. A definition is a summary and more than that is appropriate in this instance. This article relates primarily to internet works; words and images. Over the course of the development of the Internet, the concept of copyright with respect to images has changed in …

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Free Tiger Clipart

Free tiger clipart from Pixabay

Pixabay has one tiger clipart image! It’s not bad though and it is free. This page was written many years ago and things have understandably moved on. I hope it has some use still. Although it is questionable in terms of intellectual property rights, I sometimes create screenshots from YouTube videos. Are these images …

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