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  1. Hello. I live in Northern British Columbia and work at a gold mine reclamation project northeast of Quesnel. This morning, with 100% certainty, I witness a mother cougar leading 2 relatively small cubs across a forest service road. It was full daylight, no shadows hindering my vision. The mother and first cub were the typical tan or light brown colour with the black tipped tail. The second cub in tow however, was pure black. From nose to tail, ear to paw. I was no more than 100 feet from the trio. I didn’t have time to grab my phone to take a picture as they were on the move. I will continue to frequent the area and hopefully capture what is to be the very first real evidence of a pure black North American cougar.

    • Fantastic sighting and I am very pleased that you have reported it here. Wonderful. A genuine black mountain lion. I hope and pray that the cub has a long life and is not killed by a sport hunter because of their rare coat.

  2. I saw a Black Mountain Lion while I was driving EAST on rte 17 , south of the Catskill Mountains , NYS , by Hancock , NYS . It was midday , in a open meadow , less than 100 yds , I’ve seen 10 , 11 , or 12 mountain lions on rte 17 , I know what a mountain lion looks like , but this was when it was rte 17 , not I-86 :

  3. I saw one while walking my dog. About 1030 in the morning . Not a dog or a kitty. Muscular and beautiful. It was stretching out. My dog didn’t see it. I was terrified. All I could think of was Jungle Book. I threw my coffee cup down and ran home. I live in NH. for the heck of it I posted on local community page asking if there was such thing as a black bobcat? To my surprise many ppl have also cited this creature. Still can’t almost believe it, but I know what a saw..

  4. I saw a black cougar (lion) in the Los Padres NF between Maricopa and San Maria, Ca . It crossed the road in front of me when I surprised it on my Kawasaki. It was not a flash sighting and I was not 40 yds away so it was no dog and no kitty. First, most people have never seen any mountain lion but I have seen 4 so I know what they look like. They (black)are there.

  5. Four of us saw a black cougar on a sunny day in May within a mile of the Schragg grain elevators east of Moses Lake, WA. The first thing I said was…is the circus in town? It was as tall as a Great Dane but it was so graceful as it moved. It took one leap and was across the road and gone. Probably following dried up crab creek. It was not a dog because it had that flat cat face and long low hanging tail…and it was as black as night.

    • Yes, a fabulous cat. I hate with a vengeance people who hunt the mountain lion with dogs and rifle. I could willingly hunt the hunters myself and would certainly shoot them if it was legal. Sound extreme? Maybe it is but it is true.

        • I love the puma. So beautiful. Only an extremely insensitive and ignorant person could hunt it with dogs and rifle. And the people who proudly declare – as if to even things up – that they used a crossbow and arrows or a bow and arrows are worse. For me they are hateful self-serving, ill-educated fools in denial of what they are doing.

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