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Black Mountain Lion — 13 Comments

  1. I saw a Black Mountain Lion while I was driving EAST on rte 17 , south of the Catskill Mountains , NYS , by Hancock , NYS . It was midday , in a open meadow , less than 100 yds , I’ve seen 10 , 11 , or 12 mountain lions on rte 17 , I know what a mountain lion looks like , but this was when it was rte 17 , not I-86 :

  2. I saw one while walking my dog. About 1030 in the morning . Not a dog or a kitty. Muscular and beautiful. It was stretching out. My dog didn’t see it. I was terrified. All I could think of was Jungle Book. I threw my coffee cup down and ran home. I live in NH. for the heck of it I posted on local community page asking if there was such thing as a black bobcat? To my surprise many ppl have also cited this creature. Still can’t almost believe it, but I know what a saw..

  3. I saw a black cougar (lion) in the Los Padres NF between Maricopa and San Maria, Ca . It crossed the road in front of me when I surprised it on my Kawasaki. It was not a flash sighting and I was not 40 yds away so it was no dog and no kitty. First, most people have never seen any mountain lion but I have seen 4 so I know what they look like. They (black)are there.

  4. Four of us saw a black cougar on a sunny day in May within a mile of the Schragg grain elevators east of Moses Lake, WA. The first thing I said was…is the circus in town? It was as tall as a Great Dane but it was so graceful as it moved. It took one leap and was across the road and gone. Probably following dried up crab creek. It was not a dog because it had that flat cat face and long low hanging tail…and it was as black as night.

    • Yes, a fabulous cat. I hate with a vengeance people who hunt the mountain lion with dogs and rifle. I could willingly hunt the hunters myself and would certainly shoot them if it was legal. Sound extreme? Maybe it is but it is true.

        • I love the puma. So beautiful. Only an extremely insensitive and ignorant person could hunt it with dogs and rifle. And the people who proudly declare – as if to even things up – that they used a crossbow and arrows or a bow and arrows are worse. For me they are hateful self-serving, ill-educated fools in denial of what they are doing.

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