Texas mountain lion (2022)

Note: this page has been updated as at Sept 15th, 2022 and republished (see update below). Are there mountain lions in Texas? Well, yes but what with continual human population growth, increased human activity (including road building), the horrible practice of sport hunting and decreased mountain lion habitat, I am sometimes surprised. That said, …

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Jaguarundi sighting in western Massachusetts

Escaped pet jaguarundi in western Massachusetts

I recently received an interesting email from John Goodnough who lives in western Massachusetts, USA. His email is immediately below, word for word. John is a thoughtful person and in my view his conclusions are correct. My response to his email is set out below John’s. Hi, I live in western Massachusetts. I have …

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Missouri Department of Conservation make the effort to prove mountain lion sighting is incorrect

Comparing domestic cat with cut out of mountain lion

It is unusual for a state department to become involved like this in taking the time and trouble to prove that a citizen of the state has got it wrong when they say they have seen a mountain lion. In this instance, a woman made a video of a cat walking along the top …

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I have a theory that explains inaccurate big cat sightings

I have a theory which explains why some people are fearful of the domestic cat and the theory links a fear of the domestic cat with big cat sightings. A recent, well-publicised, big cat sighting took place very recently near Paris, France. You have probably have heard about it. A woman thought she had …

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Wild Cat Sighting Staten Island, NY

I’ll let the graphic do the talking: The NY state Department of Environmental Conservation wisely says that the sighted cat is a large domestic cat. They estimate the weight to be in the order of 20-30 lbs. However, the cat needn’t be especially large if the sighting is misassessed. Any decent sized domestic cat …

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Black Mountain Lion

Unsurprisingly, I have not been able to find a photograph of a black mountain lion so I created one (or two). They are not that great but they give an idea of what a black puma might look like; not dense black but “melanistic”. Here is another attempt (this is better, I believe): The …

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