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Blind Cat Homer Is Sick — 13 Comments

  1. I’m 11 years old and your book is so touching it made me cry I’m so sorry vashti and Scarlett passed away I hope homer gets better i love cats I have a 1 year old tabby named Starla who was going to live on a farm if know one took her I love her I love you and I love homer

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  3. This story brings to mind an adopted Ginger kitten we named Snuggles (4/1985) we had 2 adult cats, a rescued moody Tortie Panchita (spanish female slang for Frank)& Keke, a purebred Russian Blue with enormous almond shaped green eyes who absolutely adored as well as adopted the kitten.
    Summer 1996 a friend was visiting & suddenly she asks “What’s wrong with Snuggles eyes, they’re huge”
    I called our vet & was told to get Snuggles into clinic ASAP, we were there for about 3 hours. Then Dr Perkins says “We’re terribly sorry but Snuggles is becoming blind due to Glaucoma”
    Hubby & I discussed it & decision was made NOT move anything so Snuggles wouldn’t hurt herself.
    Surprising how well a cat compensates when they’re blind, Snuggles knew exactly where the cat door was, food/water, never had an accident but best part she was still an excellent hunter. When her vet inquired as to how Snuggles was doing & I told him she could hunt this was his reply “I guess for a blind cat, Snuggles is not doing too shabby, amazing”.
    Our dear capable cat died @ 20 years old under her masters dining chair.Still miss her dearly.
    Southeast Arizona (USA)

  4. I’ve read about Homer’s incredible life, blind kitten that proved very adept @ catching flies in midair, gave the scare of a lifetime to a burglar that broke into Gwen’s apartment even chasing that burglar out to the street (let’s hope he comes back as a mouse, LOL). Homer is a very independent cat, exactly the opposite of what was expected from him.
    need to remember that Homer is one classy cat.
    My best wishes on dear Homer getting better.
    Southeast Arizona (USA)

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  6. Thats so sad – I read about Homer a long time ago and have seen videos of him and Gwen too. I really really hope he’s going to be ok. He sure does sound like an amazing and strong spirited cat to be playing and fighting and eating well regardless that he is sick. I so hope they are going to both get through this together. Fingers crossed.

  7. Homer is a wonderful cat with an equally wonderful human friend Gwen. I hope their adventures in life continue. They are very lucky to have each other and I wish them the best.

  8. Nice but sad story. I guess he is just becoming ill due to old age. I didn’t much about him until I read this.

    Cats are wonderfully adept at getting by with a disability. I am going to write another page on the difficult subject of distinguishing between celebrating a disabled cat and exploiting a disabled cat.

    Thanks for this Elisa. I hope he recovers and lives a bit longer.

    • He’s had quite a few articles done on him. I believe I mentioned him in an article I did on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. I first read about him back in 2007 and have kept up with Homer ever since.

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