Britain’s ‘First Lady’ will help drive better animal welfare

Girlfriend Carrie Symonds, 31, could play a VERY active role during five years in No10 – after he dropped ‘engagement hint’ – Daily Mail

Carrie Symonds on Twitter
Carrie Symonds on Twitter
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Britain is uniquely positioned to be a driver for animal welfare and conservation over the coming years because we have a ‘First Lady’ to be proud of; Carrie Symonds.

She’s Boris Johnson’s partner and possible wife! Boris has hinted at an engagement apparently. She’s a conservationist and animal advocate. What a great thing for people like me to have someone like her in a position of real influence in Britain.

Boris has already thrown in statements in his speeches about animal welfare and conservation. I am sure she has played a role.

Below is one of Symonds’ recent tweets:

It is pretty unique, as I said, to have a high profile conservationist and animal advocate right at the heart of government. Boris is a decent guy. He is quite liberal and not heavily right wing as some people paint him. He’ll listen to Carrie and I hope to see the introduction of animal welfare legislation in the coming years and efforts concerning international animal welfare. I’d love Britain to be in the vanguard of efforts to stop the brutal Chinese fur and meat markets in which millions of cats and dogs are killed annually.

It would be wonderful if Carrie to get Boris to talk to the Chinese premier to stop this. Think of that. How big it would be for world animal welfare. The fur and cat meat market in China is a ghastly sore on the planet. It has to stop.

The Conservatives are on course for a majority in Parliament. This will allow them to get Brexit done and, for me, influence animal welfare in the long term.


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