Success! USDA will stop using cats as part of any research protocol in any laboratory in ARS

Animal testing center in Maryland, USA

ARS stands for Agricultural Research Service. It is part of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). You may remember the sad and unpleasant story that went viral about the USDA using cats, young cats we were told, to research toxoplasmosis. … please continue reading

PETA makes suspended Verizon worker ‘Hero to Animals Award’ recipient

Maurice German

Do you remember the Philadelphia Verizon employee, Maurice German, who used the company’s cherry picker to rescue a cat stuck atop a telephone pole for 15 hours? Elisa wrote about him. Well, his employer wasn’t happy with what he did … please continue reading

Incredible journey of 1,100 miles and 8 years later: Thanks to a microchip, a ‘stray cat’ is going home

Thanks to a microchip, a stray cat found in Wilmington, Pennsylvania will be reunited with her family. Barley went missing eight years ago and somehow managed to travel almost 1,100 miles from her Tampa, Florida home. The distances cats are … please continue reading

Thanks to “Dear Santa” letter and a microchip, a little girls missing cat is home for the holidays.

Thanks to a “Dear Santa” letter and a microchip, a little girl from Canfield, Ohio has been reunited with her missing cat in time for the holidays. Monique Marks and her husband adopted Simba and Shiva in August when the … please continue reading