Can African leaders PROVE that trophy hunting supports conservation?

Trophy hunting in Africa. Walter Palmer the Minnesota dentist used a bow and arrow to try and kill Cecil a well-known African lion

The leaders of the African nations: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe believe that they can prove that trophy hunting supports the conservation of their iconic species. But can they? My research indicates that they can’t. Note: there are vital negative aspects of trophy hunting as it is a form of artificial …

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Countdown to compulsory cat microchipping in England

Countdown to compulsory cat microchipping in England on 24th June 2024

From 24th June 2024, cat owners must ensure that their cats are microchipped under the law: “Cats Protection is delighted that pet cats in England will be given the same protection as dogs when it comes to microchipping. The charity regularly reunites owners with their much-loved cats, and in most cases this is only …

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Illegal to bring young or pregnant puppy farm or kitten mill animals into the UK

Selaine Saxby who introduced the private members bill to shut down the cruel and illegal trade in importing young dogs and cats into the UK from mainland Europe

Legislation is currently going through Parliament in the UK to ban the importation of cats and dogs bred at cruel puppy farms and kitten mills often in Romania and Poland on the European continent. This has been a big ongoing problem in the UK for quite a long time. Private members bill The proposed …

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Claimed that UK’s Pet Abduction Bill may criminalise kindly interactions with street cats

Newspaper claims that “Calling ‘here puss’ to a cat in the street may become a criminal offence” in the UK when the Pet Abduction Act becomes law. Really?

By “street cats” I mean a domestic cat walking around the street, on the pavement or sidewalk because they are indoor/outdoor cats. As you may know the UK Parliament is currently debating a new law called the Pet Abduction Bill which is intended to improve upon the Theft Act 1968 in respect of the …

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Muzzled XL bully unable to defend herself when attacked by a cat on a walk

Nova and Casey

You may know that in the UK, American XL bully ownership is subject to Draconian restrictions including wearing a muzzle when in public and on a lead. It is also illegal to breed, sell, advertise gift and exchange or abandon or let an XL bully dog. The law has been in force since December …

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Make it a legal requirement for drivers to stop and report collisions with cats in the UK

UK government won't introduce a law to make it obligatory for a driver to stop when they hit a cat

There’s been a campaign in the UK for some time to make it a legal requirement for drivers to stop and report collisions with cats. It makes sense to millions of ordinary people but it doesn’t make sense to the UK government. There was a petition which garnered 102,436 signatures. That’s why the government …

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