Cat owners should take this opportunity to work with ornithologists

Adult male kōkako feeding on the ground. Image © Suzi Phillips by Suzi Phillips

When reasonable and possible cat lovers should work with bird lovers on conservation. Cat lovers can’t fight with ornithologists indefinitely. Some ornithologists dislike cats and I understand that. But it is unwise to allow the quiet war between cat lovers … please continue reading

For the sake of the planet, women should decide to stop reproducing

Verena Brunschweiger

It’s time to discuss the hitherto undiscussable: limiting population growth. Interestingly, in America, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has hinted at her interest in this subject. On social media she asked the question, “Is it okay to still have children?”. She was thinking … please continue reading

How much does letting domestic cats go outside affect wildlife conservation?

Domestic cat predation

There are many cat owners, some of whom are my online friends, who strongly support keeping cats inside all the time. This article is not a criticism of them because I understand the motivation to keep cats inside. It is … please continue reading