The illegal trade in cheetahs

Pet cheetah in a car in Dubai on a lead with the owner on his phone.

For a long time now there has been a fascination with the exotic cheetah, the world’s fastest land animal, which has encouraged the illegal trade of cheetahs as they are taken from their mothers, caged, smuggled and sold as pets in countries in the Middle East and elsewhere, where the rich feel the need …

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Can African leaders PROVE that trophy hunting supports conservation?

Trophy hunting in Africa. Walter Palmer the Minnesota dentist used a bow and arrow to try and kill Cecil a well-known African lion

The leaders of the African nations: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe believe that they can prove that trophy hunting supports the conservation of their iconic species. But can they? My research indicates that they can’t. Note: there are vital negative aspects of trophy hunting as it is a form of artificial …

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A majority of Australians are in favor of domestic cat containment

Domestic cat in a sparsely furnished modern home which has not been made mentally stimulating for the cat

The perennial issue of cat containment in Australia has resurfaced. The Conversation, in collaboration with Monash University, conducted a study to gauge the support among 3,400 participants for cat containment policies. These policies would mandate that cat owners confine their pets to their property, presumably indoors or within a designated outdoor enclosure. The study …

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Canadian company hopes to start ‘absurd’ commercial deep-sea mining in the Pacific

Ocean floor

OPINION: Humankind having done their damnedest to destroy the habitat of wildlife on the ground (mainly forests), is now planning to do the same thing on the ocean floor where there are wild species that we haven’t even discovered yet. Humankind is going to destroy that part of nature that we are yet to …

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Donald Trump and Kristi Noem are toxic for animal welfare and conservation

Trump with Noem

OPINION: There’s been a lot of talk about Kristi Noem recently because she shot her young dog in a gravel pit on her farm because she considered the dog to be useless as a hunting dog and by all accounts was very irritated with Cricket’s behaviour. She didn’t consider retraining him or rehoming him. …

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Free-roaming domestic cats in Natura 2000 sites of central Spain

Fantasy image of a part of Spains Natura 2000 network of wildlife reserves

I am referring here to a study called: “Free-roaming domestic cats in Natura 2000 sites of central Spain: Home range, distance travelled and management implications”. The study is about how domestic cats are allowed to enter an extensive network of wildlife conservation reserves and sites in Spain called the Natura 2000 sites. There are …

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Making the Scottish wildcat purebred again by de-introgression (infographic)

Restoring the Scottish wildcat through de-introgression

I think this story very much lends itself to an infographic as the technique described for attempting to restore the hybridized Scottish wildcat to its pure former pure self is essentially straightforward although technically it is a very tricky process that might not work satisfactorily. In order to be a success, it has to …

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