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Can cats tell the difference between male and female humans? — 3 Comments

  1. Yes they can. Mammals have a common set of hormones and pheromones which cats (and some humans) can smell (male pheromone smells a bit like sandalwood, trust me).

    However most of our cats are neutered so their interaction with us is generally not related to our gender. However, some male cats get excessively friendly when a female owner is ovulating. Way back, my neighbour had trouble with her big tabby neuter climbing on her shoulders and nipping her when she ovulated. The cat never bothered me as I was on hormone contraception at that time.

  2. No doubt. My cat “Buddy” (Maine Coon) was famously flirty with my female vets. WAY too charming. Really something, down to the decibels of his purr, which you could probably here in the next exam room.

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