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Caring For Cats In Uncertain Times — 1 Comment

  1. I’m so glad to see Doug’s post. Although I don’t know him personally, I’ve shared some advice and suggestions about his website, along with a small donation. Cats and their care is my passion. I appreciate what he’s doing to educate cat guardians, because it’s at the heart of what contributes to feline wellness.

    I too,a low income senior, sacrificed to give my kitty Mitzy the best I could, with raw food from RAD CAT (who was sadly run out of business by the powers that be) and D-Mannose in her daily meals to prevent UTI. She became hyper-thyroid 2 years ago, and didn’t respond well to the methimazole. I couldn’t afford surgery, and made the heart breaking decision to euthanize her. I now live with a woman who has a sweet affectionate calico, who seems to love that she now has two “mommies”.

    Over the past 9 years, since Mitzy came into my life, as a year old feral, I began to research and learn about cat care from this site, TruthAboutPetFood, CatInfo and several others. Because of some difficulty with vets, I decided to become a Cat Advocate, and share my knowledge with cat guardians.

    I’ve answered many questions online, and in my community at no charge. I was even able to save one male cat’s life when I was contacted by the guardian who thought he was constipated. After a few questions, I told her that he was “blocked” and needed to see a vet ASAP. He was only hours away from dying, and spent 4 days in the clinic to the tune of $4,000. Fortunately he recovered, and his guardian got an expensive lesson in the male cat’s susceptibility to deadly blockage and how dry food can contribute to this.

    Please check out Doug’s website for relevant information and humor. Consider sending a donation to support his continued work of educating cat guardians.

    Thank you Michael for the work you’ve done for so many years, and for giving Doug the opportunity to share with all of us who love our kitties.

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