US families dump pets as caregiving costs surge (Dec 2023)

American families dump pets as costs surge

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a sad but probably predictable story made worse by post-Covid inflation. The news media report that American pet owners are concerned about the economy. And some are under financial pressure because of inflation which, by the way, is the same in European countries although inflation has significantly dropped. And …

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Owners care more about their dogs than their cats (new survey)

Cat and dog and owner

REPORTING ON A STUDY TOGETHER WITH MY OPINION: For a long time, I have known that, in general, owners care more about their dogs than their cats. This is apparent because people spend more money on veterinary treatment for dogs and cats. And the difference is quite marked. This study confirms what I’d thought …

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Is chemotherapy for cats worth it?

Cat on chemo

I am not a veterinarian but I can rely on Ben the Vet on TikTok and other veterinarians to provide a good answer to the question in the title. And, actually, it is quite a straightforward question to which I am able to provide a good answer. There are two key points: Limited side …

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Provision of veterinary services should be funded along the lines of the best human healthcare systems

Veterinary healthcare should mirror human healthcare hybrid systems

A cursory investigation will tell you that dogs are taken to the vets much more than cats and cats are not taken to the vets enough. Cat owners resist taking their cat to the vet. I am one of those cat owners. It is not about money for me but the hassle. But vets …

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UK pet owners go abroad to cut bills for veterinary treatments

Equity funds have bought vet clinics in UK and are exploiting the business

NEWS AND VIEWS-UK: In an extraordinary development, I’m told that in the UK, cat and dog owners are flying abroad to places like France and Turkey to seek treatments for their companion animals which are priced reasonably and which are a fraction of those charged in the UK. And the reason why many veterinarians …

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Cost of pet insurance in UK can be the same as the cost of car insurance (2023)

Cat health insurance

The Which? website lists the most expensive breeds of cats and dogs to insure but the information is confused except in one way: it’s expensive and in certain instances the equivalent of insuring your car. The average cost of car insurance in the UK is around £400 depending upon the type of insurance you …

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Disgruntled pet owners disillusioned with private equity-owned veterinary practices in UK

Barkley a bright and loving cockapoo who was injured by an animal hospital leaving him doubly incontinent

NEWS AND OPINION: Britain has changed in almost all respects and for the worse. One area of life that has gone to the dogs is veterinary clinics since the independently owned businesses were bought up by private equity firms. Back in the day each veterinary clinic was owned and managed by the vets themselves …

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Some pros and cons of pet health insurance

Pet insurance consultation

This is a complicated subject but there are definitely pros and cons to pet health insurance. I’ll start with the pros i.e. the things that are good about it. But I discuss things as they occur in a flow of consciousness! If I’ve missed something please comment – thanks. The first thing that is …

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