So….how big of a veterinary clinic bill did your outside cat run up when he came home injured?

This article is part news and part discussion on how large a veterinary clinic bill your outside cat ran up when he came home injured. Be sure to read this story by as a woman shares her experience when … please continue reading

Miracle Kitty burned in the Woolsey Fire is recovering in hospital (photos)

Miracle Kitty recovering in hospital

This is a follow-up post to one written by Elisa on November 10 about the ABC7 News reporter, Veronica Miracle, who was involved in the rescuing of a badly burned tuxedo kitty in the Woolsey Fire. The Woolsey Fire is … please continue reading

Overwhelming donations for guy who took responsibility for health of cat who fell from great height (videos)

Cash donations at barber for Mimi

This is a heartwarming, happy ending cat story. The star player is Shafaat Zainal who responded very positively and generously to an horrific event on 8th August after he had just finished breakfast. He heard a loud thud from his … please continue reading

Should it be Mandatory for All Veterinarians to Write Prescriptions for their Clients?

vet jab

Veterinary care for chronically ill kitties is often extremely expensive. Since kitty guardians want to be able to take excellent care of their beloved cats and give them the best quality of life, those of us who are taking care … please continue reading

Will stoppage of long term benefits increase cat relinquishment?

In the United States, federal long-term unemployment benefit that was instigated by president Bush is to be stopped this Saturday. It is a generous welfare benefit and stopping it will severely affect about 1.3 million Americans initially. The numbers will … please continue reading