What a life for a cat! A goal to aspire to.

Rosie and Lilo on boat

“These animals are living the life!” AND “Pretty sure the cat thinks she’s a dog :D” – YouTube comments This is exceptional. It almost like watching a fictional movie but it is real. Very few domestic cats have such a … please continue reading

City of Cornwall, Ontario is addressing the problem of cat overpopulation. It begins with a survey.

Tabby cat colony

To understand how big of a problem a community has with the cat population, a good first step is for that community to take a survey. The city of Cornwall, Ontario admits they ‘dropped the ball’ many years ago and they … please continue reading

British cat owners do not feel responsible for their cats killing wildlife

Cat looking at bird outside

British cat owners have a variety of responses to their cat’s hunting behaviour. Some are very concerned about the impact that their cat makes on wildlife through hunting. Others are less concerned. However, both groups prioritise the welfare of their … please continue reading