Can cats make eczema worse for children or increase the chance of getting it?

Parents should exercise caution when adopting a cat if they are allergic to cats and they are planning a family as it may trigger eczema in their new child.

This is a technical topic. There are a number of studies but it is hard to find black-and-white clear-cut answers which makes it tricky to write about this topic. And I guess it can make it difficult for parents to decide whether to adopt a cat if their child has eczema or they are …

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Ballooning dog and cat ownership goes BANG and into reverse in the UK

Ballooning cat and dog ownership during Covid goes POP due to costs of caregiving

Ballooning dog and cat ownership (primarily dog ownership) in the UK has gone POP and is now going in reverse with rehoming centres bursting as puppy love turns to heartbreak mainly because of ‘dogflation’ and a post-Covid reality. Here are some facts about the changing landscape of dog and cat ownership in the UK …

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Cary, a North Carolina town, has a cat leash law which is more than 50 years old

Cary, a town in North Carolina, USA, has imposed cat leash laws on its residents for the past 50 years and more.

The New York Post reports on a North Carolina town called Cary where the administrators have imposed a cat leash law for more than 50 years, which may surprise many people. Even today, it is highly unusual for a local authority to impose a cat leash law on its residents. But in Cary it …

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Owning your cat versus being in a relationship with your cat

Take the species out of the equation and you are left with a relationship with your cat rather than owning your cat.

It’s important in terms of high standards of cat caregiving to be in a proper relationship with your cat rather than believing that you own them. An attitude which allows a person to feel that they own their cat is not likely to lead to a relationship which promotes cat welfare in the best …

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Pet serval is like a domestic cat on steroids

Serval living in an apartment wants to escape

It is distressing to learn once again of another pet serval escaping. This time a man who appears to be in his 30s living in an apartment adopted a serval. I am sorry but he is living in a standard apartment and he thinks it is okay to have a pet serval. It is …

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Is it safe for a cat owner to eat their cat’s leftover human-grade food treat?

Cat lover

In my opinion it is 95+% safe to eat your cat’s leftover human-grade treats but you won’t find a conclusive answer to the question in the title on the Internet because there probably isn’t one. The reason why I ask the question is because about an hour ago I ate the remains of my …

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Can you own a caracal in North Carolina?

The claws of a pet caracal

Yes, you can own a caracal in North Carolina but you’ll need permit to import this medium-sized wild cat. The North Carolina law on this is limited and sparse. It is strange and also, in my honest opinion, poorly drafted. Here it is the relevant extract as I see it: EXOTIC ANIMALS There are …

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Does a pet microchip prove legal ownership?

Bob the cat is all over the news!

The details on a microchip inserted into a cat or dog do not prove unquestionably that the person stated in those details is the legal owner of the dog or cat concerned. Although, the details provide good evidence that the owner is as stated in the microchip details. To stress, though, they are not …

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