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Cat and her eight kittens found abandoned in a suitcase on abandoned railway line in Essex — 12 Comments

  1. Another story that breaks my heart. How could anyone attempt to discard these precious souls in such a cruel, torturous way? So happy they were discovered and are on the mend. I send blessings to Tarini and her kittens for a happy, healthy life.

  2. All the no-kill shelters must have been full and stopped taking in new cats. Just like what happens everywhere they make no-kill shelters. If they don’t have anywhere to take their cats and don’t want to kill them, now you see what you get. This is your own faults.

    • I think your argument is incorrect. This is not a case of a person being unable to take their kittens to an animal rescue centre. This is an example of a person abandoning their cats, callously, at the nearest possible place with the intention that they should die.

      I regret to say that you are clearly one of those people who dislikes animal advocates and people who are concerned about animal welfare. To me, that comes across quite clearly in your comment and in another comment that you have made.

          • Thank you for removing my troll comments. I don’t know why he thinks it will worry me that everyone knows Joyce is my first name. So I go by my middle name now and I went back to my maiden name after my divorce. Like a woman has never done that before. The “oldies” here probably remember when my articles were published with my first name. And I have street addresses posted all over the place. I moved 4 times in 7 years and I don’t even HAVE a home phone anymore because I can’t hear on one. May move again soon before I retire. Scotland would be nice 😉

            • Elisa, I am moving myself on the 30th March. I am moving to a house (tired of living in apartments). But it is only half a mile away because I like the area.

              • I have a time renewing my certification paperwork each year. I have to write down every address I’ve had in the past 10 years. I have to add “additional sheets” to get it all in.

  3. So glad they were found and survived. Surely the monster who left them there heard about this and hopes they aren’t caught. Any friend of theirs’ (if they have friends) should turn him or her in. I’d like to see punishments for animal cruelty actually carried out for a change, to warn people that this is not acceptable and they could be thrown in prison.

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