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Cat with Karpati Pattern — 14 Comments

      • Hi Micheal, thanks for your reply. I live in Canada. My cat used to be all black (except for a small patch of white on his chest). His ears, nose and the tip of his tail are turning white. Salem is quite a hit here. No one has seen a cat with the same markings. He is my baby so I will definitely keep him safe.

  1. Sarah-Yes you must be a human Dr. in a way* you do research_offer advice_Lick wounds and solve issues for the welfare of animals !!!! Eva

  2. Definitely does not fit the vitiligo random pattern. I have never heard of the karpati pattern, but as there are other documented cases, it makes sense that it may well be a genetically inherited trait. It really is stunning. Michael, I remember your article about Scrappy in December, who has vitiligo. He is also stunning.

  3. Cool Cat* I don’t believe he has ‘vitiligo’ either. I agree with the expert Dr. Sarah Hartwell that it’s just a rare coat pattern.

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