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Cat does dressage extended trot — 3 Comments

  1. All of my horses had companions at some time. Cats and horses can form strong bonds. I don’t worry about the why here just watching the cat full of joy is enough.
    One note. Most gaits like the extended trot are taught but not in prolonged sessions. All movements to dressage aside from a few in the actual Spanish riding school stallions are 100% natural and can be seen in horses at liberty.

  2. Oh, another reason this is not a natural gait for a cat is that it’s not stealthy or efficient. There’s a bounce to it. Fun to watch though, and it looks like the cat is just happy to be alive!

  3. Extremely interesting to me. I also revisited what I knew about horse gaits, as I used to ride. This is what’s called a trot when a horse does it, and a pace on a cat, and both are natural. Two interesting things I see is the extension of the forelimbs, giving it the classic horse trot style, which you have to train a horse to do, though there are gaits peculiar to different breeds that are natural. She actually flicks her front paws out there, and she doesn’t go into a gallop. The second thing, more noticeable when slowed down, is that the cat continues the diagonal pattern and extension when she slows to a walk. That’s not natural like most cats (one foot off the ground at a time). I think you’re right Michael, that this cat mimicked her horse pals’ trot by watching and following. She may not know she’s doing it, or has no problem showing off her talent for the camera. Yeah I believe it’s a female because she leads with her right foot, and it’s the female of cats who are predominantly right-pawed.

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