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  1. Never forget the ubiquitous “gone to Rainbow Bridge” aka died.

    I know there is a need for sensitivity around death, but over the years, being faced with the prospect of actual death myself a few times, and having had to have several cats euthanised, I am almost 100% intolerant of death euphemisms.

    I totally agree about “declawing” being one. of the worst.

  2. An ex bf of mine had a particularly brutal, father who insisted that any female cat should have a litter before being spayed. When the poor (usually under a year old) mother cat had her kittens he would allow her to keep the kittens for 3 weeks, then, early evening, at a time when the mother cat would be alert in crepuscular mode, he would “take the kittens for a wash” aka – drowning them in a bucket of cold water out in the back yard. I was told that some of these poor females witnessed this horror, but the hideous old man had no care for how grotesquely cruel this was to both mother and poor kittens. He was apparently carrying this out, under the instruction of his “trusted vet”. The distressed, traumatised mother cat, in shock & despair would be at the vets for spaying, first thing the next morning. A supposedly educated, well though of, middle class family, living in rural Eire, lovely countryside, barbaric attitudes in most of elderly, surprisingly right through to many of the younger folk that I met. Sadly, the violence of this man ran down the line to his sons too.

    • I loved my grandfather dearly until I caught him drowning kittens. No matter how he tried and the rest of the family tried to minimize it that stuck with me.
      I try now not to judge on what was acceptable in the past but really this was never acceptable.
      My in-laws are horrible animal abusers. My husband is the only one to treat animals with true kindness and love the other 4 kids, now adults in their 50 and sister in late 40s are hideous monsters when it comes to animals of any type. Sadly I see their children doing the same things they did and are still doing.

      • “I loved my grandfather dearly until I caught him drowning kittens.”

        What is that about? Can you write about that? As you say it is to do with times past when there was a different attitude to animal welfare. But why did he do it? It does shed light on the gradual improvement in animal welfare albeit too slowly and it is still good enough for many of us.

  3. Cull does mean kill and in many larger breeders especially of dogs used to use what was called dunkies. As in dunking the unwanted not up to par puppy in a bucket of water and drowning it. TB breeders will also hammer a foal that is deformed.
    Most dog and cat breeders will sell an altered pet that is ‘pet quality’ for a lower price. There are no required records that I’m aware of any requirement to report the number of animals born in a litter because most breeders don’t register every animal nor are they required to. The mope breeding animals they have the worse it becomes.

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