Cat Euthanized Twice And Survived

by Elisa Black-Taylor

Good morning readers. Today I’d like to tell you about a cat who was euthanized twice and survived.

A cat on death row at the West Valley City Animal Shelter in Utah has defied the odds, perhaps being the first on record to survive TWO gassings.

The Community Animal Welfare Society (CAWS) in West Valley stated the cat, named Andrea, was likely an abandoned pet.

Andrea, who is black with white paws, was placed in the gas chamber on Thursday along with other cats set to be murdered in the most barbaric method used for mass killing of helpless animals.

A shelter worker was surprised to open the gas chamber to find Andrea still alive, so he shut the door and ran the gas again. After the second gassing, it appeared Andrea was dead. She was then placed in a bag inside a freezer where animals are kept until their remains can be disposed of.

About 45 minutes later the shelter worker went to place a dog in the freezer and heard a cat meowing. She was removed and taken to an area vet for examination. Andrea was terrified, but thankfully hasn’t suffered any physical damage from her ordeal.

Here’s a FOX video on Andrea.

She has used up several of her nine lives, and as a reward will be put up for adoption at a no-kill shelter. CAWS hopes this miracle survival will call attention to the inhumane killing of cats still murdered in gas chambers across the country.

While City spokesman Aaron Crim refused to comment on the case, he did state that killing by gas chamber is “fast and humane.” (Don’t EVEN get me started on that statement!)

Both CAWS and West Valley City Animal Shelter agree the problem is caused by irresponsible pet ownership and failure to spay and neuter.

I truly hope this poor cat who was euthanized twice and survived will bring about an end to death by gas chamber and that she finds a loving forever home.

Although Andrea may not have any visible injuries, I feel she was surely traumatized from the experience.



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Cat Euthanized Twice And Survived

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Oct 20, 2011
shes so lucky
by: Kathy W

I hope they find her a good home. Im so glad she survived.

Oct 17, 2011
Inmates protested
by: Elisa

I know in my hometown they used gas for a long time. Inmates from the jail would work off some of their jail time and part of their shelter job was the gas chamber. A lot of them complained and it played a part in using injection rather than gas. The inmates said gassing was a horrible way for an animal to die and it was very upsetting to them as most of them had pets waiting on them at home.

Oct 17, 2011
How Many
by: Michael

How many shelters gas cats and what gas is used? Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are bad ways to kill cats as I understand it.

This page lists some ways.

The fact that the AVMA endorses the gassing of cats just supports my view that they are an unethical and toothless organization.

The reason why shelters gas cats is because it is cheaper. It is as simple as that. They kill a lot of cats so price is important to them. It is all so sad.


Cat Euthanized Twice And Survived — 5 Comments

  1. A dog has also survived two gassings.

    In one ‘shelter’ workers put a mother cat and her kitten into the chamber with a raccoon and watched the resulting fight as the gas was released.

    Rutherford County has two chambers and gasses in the sight and hearing of the dogs in the outside runs.

    There are many other horror stories.

    Hope Andrea finds a loving forever home.

  2. That is still no excuse to treat living creatures that way! Even bugs are killed quickly when stepped on. Thank God those people making these sickening decisions will have to answer one day to Him for all their crimes.

  3. That is horrendous!!! I bet that poor kitty suffered brain damage from the gas. Gas chambers are considered inhumane for humans, why not animals too?

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