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Cat Euthanized Twice And Survived — 5 Comments

  1. A dog has also survived two gassings.

    In one ‘shelter’ workers put a mother cat and her kitten into the chamber with a raccoon and watched the resulting fight as the gas was released.

    Rutherford County has two chambers and gasses in the sight and hearing of the dogs in the outside runs.

    There are many other horror stories.

    Hope Andrea finds a loving forever home.

  2. That is still no excuse to treat living creatures that way! Even bugs are killed quickly when stepped on. Thank God those people making these sickening decisions will have to answer one day to Him for all their crimes.

  3. That is horrendous!!! I bet that poor kitty suffered brain damage from the gas. Gas chambers are considered inhumane for humans, why not animals too?

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