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  1. Hi my long haired tabby is 7 months old and has developed blackness on the right and left side of his s mouth it’s not affected no his gums or inside the mouth but t is spreading please help I’m not sure what it is it’s not affecting him s eating or toilet habits and he seems normal
    I’m just concerned

    • Hello Robin. Are you saying that your cat’s gums suddenly turned black overnight? If you are saying this then I would certainly recommend seeing your veterinarian. However, it is quite normal for gums to be black in parts because it is just pigmentation and it may well follow the pattern on the cat’s fur. I would expect that, provided your cat is healthy and well, this is a question of pigmentation in the gums and therefore quite normal.

    • Claudia. Have a close look at the gums. If you it looks like the black is pigment embedded into the gum it is normal. If not then something has gone wrong. You can gently rub the area to check. But my feeling is that this is normal and it is gum pigmentation. If you have a photo please upload it and I’ll comment further.

  2. Thank uh for ur answers, if I think of any more questions I will get a hold of u .have a good day and be safe thank u again.

  3. I am concerned about my gray tabby. He is six years old and in the last three weeks his eyes has became glassey and looks like part of his pupil has been cut away. what could be happening?

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