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  1. Salmonella strains are not particularly a problem to you, if you’ve had cats in your past. My cat is fed a T. Of plain nonfat Greek yogurt every night, before my bedtime. I mix it with a tsp. of cream to make it palatable. This is insurance that he/she won’t suffer from diarrhea after eating raw chicken.

  2. Sorry for commenting on an old article, but I found it very useful and I will be keeping this for future reference! I haven’t got cats of my own yet, but when I do I will feed them a raw diet. I will give Mark’s recipe a try, just make much smaller batches since I am going to be only adopting a maximum of three cats. I have noticed that my local supermarkets sell all the ingredients, including chicken hearts and livers. I am in Aus, so I don’t think I will be able to get Kitty Bloom. If I can’t get my hands on Kitty Bloom, I will find some other complete supplement for cats.

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  6. Well unfortunately i don’t think any of my kitties would tolerate raw. I’ve tried in the past to give them wholesome rabbit etc. They just turn their noses up at it. Though, I’ve noticed Jasmine, seem to like meat or anything we are eating. We give ours wet Cat Singles/ Tinned Meat and Some pet Roll which they seem to like. It’s always Dry Cat biscuits that seems to win them over.

  7. Okay, first, I’m up way to late reading this. If you feel uncomfortable handling raw chicken, turkey, then do yourself a favor. Get some petri dishes, make some agar, and so on, incubated after swabbing, then compare the colonies you get with the pictures in the microbiology books. do this under a UV hood, please. Otherwise, just trust what you read from Cornell, or here, or some other reputable source. Salmonella species/strains are orange in colonies. Go to your university’s bio-tech labs and ask a grad student. I don’t so much recommend sniffing the plates as much as I do looking. What I am getting at is this: you really don’t need to worry about contamination if you get your chickens from a reputable source, locally, attentively care for, with compassion, i.e. raised for all practical purposes as a pet. Head chopped off quickly, then either flash-frozen or refrigerated. Just make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. We as humans are much more susceptible to salmonella poisoning than our felines, unless their immune system is compromised

    We all do know that a mouse is considered the perfect food for a domestic feline. We do the best that we can to emulate that full-bodied nutrition of the ‘perfect’ mouse diet, while purchasing food from the local pet store. Do it at home. Try a solid raw diet. I guarantee you, it will enhance your bond with your cat!

      • Just fine, Michael. It’s just that I get a bit impatient when it comes to the Salmonella issues most cat lovers seem to have when handling raw poultry, or beef or even fish. Many humans forget or don’t know that our beloved felines actually shed salmonella from their dander, which of course gets spread from their fur. I just feel that uncompromised, immune-wise animal lovers do not need to make this such a big issue. Leave it to the dishwashing machines in the hospitals to infect those who are compromised. not funny, I realize, but happens all to often.
        Again, we take in Salmonella bacteria every day. Just wash your hands before touching anything in the kitchen, and use your wrist or plastic wrap to turn on the faucet before you do so. Same with the soap dispenser. It’s just common sense. 😉

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  11. My lot get a mixture of raw chicken and rabbit mince from Woldsway, tins and pouches of things like Applaws and James Wellbeloved Biscuits. They also like a bit of sparrow but I’ve put bells on them now!

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