Cat Loves Bunny – Muslim Loves Christian – Iran Loves Israel

Cat Loves Bunny – Muslim Loves Christian – Iran Loves Israel

by Michael

Here is a nice little video of a cat that loves his bunny chum. Ah, Americans might not know what “chum” means. It means a friend.

When I watch these videos showing friendship between different species of animal, it reminds me how ridiculously people (who are of course the same species) from different countries behave towards each other. Humankind has a tendency towards hopelessly idiotic behavior.

Let’s all try and behave like this three-legged cat towards his bunny chum. That applies to the mad president of Iran, Ahmadinejad towards Israel and his own people, the Israelis towards the Palestinians, the sadistic president of Syria, Assad, towards his own people and….where do I stop?

Can we please stop fighting and destroying and start loving and building. And what about all the cats and dogs in Syria? Blown to bits like their human companions.

It is so bad I can’t think about it..until I see a cat snuggling up to his bunny chum.


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Cat Loves Bunny – Muslim Loves Christian – Iran Loves Israel

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Mar 07, 2012
Lovely video NEW
by: Ruth

Yes that is a lovely video which shows all living creatures can be friends with other species.
We can learn a lot from animals, their acceptance of who they are and their contentment with what they have.
The human race thinks it’s superior but in reality it isn’t and all it’s doing with its fighting and greed and lust for power is making this planet an unhappy place for those of us who just want to live and let live, in harmony with all other living creatures.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Mar 07, 2012
lovely video NEW
by: Barbara

Ah Michael, you have the blues about the state of the world and who can blame you. But when you see little creatures like the cat and the rabbit in the video innocently enjoying each other’s company then you know animals are far better through and through than humans. I liked the disembodied are giving the cat an ear scratch on the side he had no leg.

Barbara avatar

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