Did Puss in Boots reinforce negative or positive views about the domestic cat?

Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots is a delightful fairy tale with a clever cat at its center. Here’s a deeper dive into the story and an answer to the question in the title. Disclosure: this entire article except for these few words at the beginning was written by Google Gemini an AI bot in response to …

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Picture of a domestic cat outside an Egyptian temple

Picture of an Egyptian domestic cat outside a temple in which the cat looks like an ancient Egyptian statue

This is a lovely photograph as the cat looks like an ancient Egyptian statue. All the ancient Egyptian statues depict elegant, rather slender, shorthaired cats. They remind me of today’s Abyssinian cat and there may be a connection there but there is no evidence. This cat has a grey coat and steely, golden eyes …

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Picture of a domestic cat nuzzling a tiger

Picture of a domestic cat nuzzling a Siberian tiger

Although the image above is fictional, it is entirely possibly for a domestic cat to make friends with a tiger. The tiger would be captive. And probably somewhat domesticated and/or habituated to the human presence. Tigers can prey on domestic cats and dogs. There is no unwritten feline agreement that the tiger should not …

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Why do small cats (domestic, caracals, servals, etc.) have pointed ears and big cats (lion, tiger, cheetah, etc.) have rounded ones? Is there an adaptive function to the ear shape?

Stryker the Cat is a serval not an F1 Savannah cat

The question in the title is malformed. It is inaccurate but I have taken it direct from quora.com. For a start, the caracal and serval are not small cats. They are medium-sized wild cats. Also, a genuinely small cat which happens to be a cute-looking wild cat, the sand cat, has enormous and round …

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What is the difference between a pet cat and a wild cat?

African wildcat versus tabby domestic cat

The question seems innocuous and the answer obvious but the explanation is not quite as simple as people might expect. The comparison will be to the pet cat’s wild cat ancestor. Here is my answer for what it is worth. Please add yours in a comment. The difference between a pet cat and a …

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All domestic cats should be selectively breed. Discuss.

Our desired cat

You can categorise domestic cats two ways: purebred and random bred. The default category is random bred. There are far more random bred cats than there are purebred cats. Random bred cats procreate when not sterilised under the process of natural selection. This means that the cats decide with whom to mate. In the …

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Origin of word ‘moggy’

Black and white Moggie

There are 2 parts to the article. Please read the entire page as I believe the updating second part to be more accurate but the origin of the word ‘moggie’ is still somewhat up for discussion after all these years in use. The first part is by an appreciated visitor to the site. Michael …

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Can bobcats mate with domestic cats to produce offspring?

Can a domestic cat mate with a domestic cat and produce offspring?

The question arises because there was a time in the late 1970s in America when a theory was circulating that the domestic cat breed, the American Bobtail, was a result of a mating between an American bobcat and a domestic cat. This would have been a wildcat hybrid. There are still people who enquire …

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