Cat, man or woman? Scarlet Blake the cat-torturing murderer

OPINION: You can take your pick in the modern world on whether Scarlet Blake, the notorious, transgender cat-torturing man-murderer is a woman, a man or even a cat. Yes, she self-identified as a cat and the police confirmed that she had a cat microchip inserted in her chest. The police checked with a microchip scanner 🤢.

Cat, man or woman? - Scarlet Blake
Cat, man or woman? – Scarlet Blake. Not being silly of facetious as she self-IDed as a cat. Image: MikeB based on mugshot.
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Confused and unwell

But she also self-identifies as woman, transgendering from a man with the help of the equally notorious NHS clinic – now closed – the Gender Identity Development Service at Tavistock in London. This points to mental health issues supported by the fact that she was admittedly obsessed with death and gore and wanted her then transgender partner to kill her.

Scarlet Blake’s given name is Fangze Wang.

Tavistock Clinic

He was given puberty blockers at 17 at the aforesaid clinic and received hormone treatment the following year. My thanks, by the way, to Hadley Freeman the Sunday Times journalist for this information.

He is now 26 and was at the Tavistock Clinic in about 2015-2016 when it was in full swing prescribing blockers “with a special enthusiasm” according to Freeman. Recklessly many would argue.

Mentally disturbed?

Freeman’s argument is that Scarlet Blake is mentally disturbed. At the Tavistock Clinic they were seeing more and more mentally disturbed people but still treating them along the lines of their desired trans wishes when the argument now is that they should have questioned what they were doing (as a clinic) and ensured that their clients were mentally of sound mind to make sure that they were able to think clearly and knew exactly what they were doing when they were requesting hormone blockers et cetera. I don’t think Blake’s parents were involved in the process.

Indulging her/him?

Freeman also argues that it is wrong, ethically and morally, to indulge Scarlet Blake’s ‘delusions’ if, as is alleged, she is mentally disturbed and a criminal. The point here is that the authorities shouldn’t have allowed her to self-identify as a woman or as a cat because it’s indulging her desires and society does not owe her that bearing in mind her criminal behaviour.

The courts in Britain are particularly polite as are the police. They referred to Blake as a woman because she “identified as female in custody. As such, Blake is recorded as female in our recording system”, according to a police force spokesperson.

We need to respect people who identify as a gender which is not their biological gender. Personally, I’m very sensitive towards that because everybody should have the freedom to identify as they feel appropriate (subject to science) but as Hadley Freeman states, “gender ideology has been legitimised in the mainstream”. We seem to be accepting anybody you wants to self-identify as a different gender to what nature gave them.

This is dangerous and it can create some chaos with different organisations referring to the individual with different pronouns and a different sex.

Identified as a cat

Freeman goes a step further and argues that you could refer to Blake as a cat because as mentioned she self-identified as a feline to the extent she had a microchip inserted inside of.

Need some science to support self-identification

This highlights the ridiculousness of self-identification without some real science supporting it. You can’t just say you are something different to what you are.

JK Rowling would support I believe what Hadley Freeman is saying. Gender-critical JK Rowling has said on Twitter/X that Scalet Blake is a man and that it is bad for feminism and bad for women to refer to him as a woman because he is a nasty criminal and it denigrates females.

Male prison

Blake is serving a 24-year prison sentence in a male prison despite being referred to as female in the criminal courts.

Ashlynn Bell

He/she was in a long-distance relationship with a transgender female in America, Aslynn Bell who, arguably, encouraged him to commit these crimes and on that basis, I have suggested that the police in America should investigate Ms Bell for aiding and abetting those crimes. Perhaps that is far-fetched but the assessment comes from the words of Scarlet Blake herself.

Wrong to indulge her

Freeman says that the various agencies involved with Blake should not have respected her wishes to be referred to as female because she is a convicted murderer “who made cat soup and strangled a stranger for sexual kicks”.

Mentally ill?

The question that hangs over this case is whether Blake is genuinely mentally ill. He/she was convicted on the basis that she isn’t mentally ill. If she was genuinely mentally ill, she would be in Broadmoor, a secure mental hospital.

The nub of the story is that it’s about self-identifying your gender and the overly-politically correct, overzealous desire for the LGBTQIA+ campaigners to allow freedoms to self-identify your gender at will.

Although I am very supportive of those campaigners and the LGBTQIA+ community, I think it is very dangerous and potentially chaotic to allow this to happen.

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