Teenagers drowning 2-day-old kittens in cup of water highlights change in attitude to animal cruelty

Teenage boys drowned a kitten like this

In 2011, Nevada created law which made first offence animal cruelty a felony (a serious crime). This was a radical move in the right direction from the standpoint of animal advocates. The law reflected a change in sentiment towards animal … please continue reading

Domestic violence which includes hurting a cat should be aggravated domestic violence

Man seriously hurt ex-girlfriends cat in dispute

It is not uncommon for a man to hurt his partner’s cat at the same time that he is hurting her in a domestic dispute which turns to violence. I read about it all the time. When this happens I … please continue reading

Veterinarians clash with police over Croydon Cat Killer’s existence

Police solve case of Croydon cat killer NO

The mysterious Croydon cat killer (a person or persons) has been accused or killing and mutilating up to 400 cats for years. It all started in Croydon, SE London. Recently the Met Police (and other forces) threw resources at it … please continue reading

Two women on two occasions recount seeing kittens dumped from moving vehicles on Michigan roads

Lucky a cat rescued from road after being dumped from moving truck

These are personal accounts by two unrelated women both of whom have seen kittens thrown from moving vehicles during kitten season in Michigan state, USA. Their first hand experiences recounted in their own words paint a clear but horrific picture … please continue reading

Allegedly disturbed boy who abused and killed a cat is let off because he’s a minor

The mentally ill boy who tortured a cat

I am revisiting a story I wrote on June 23rd about a boy who tortured and killed a domestic cat in Clinton, Iowa (opens a new window). The boy is Jonathan Trude. He is 12-years-of-age. His parents say that he … please continue reading

Katy P’s health continues to improve

Katy P recovering

At at July 20th: This is another update on the improved health of Katy P, the long-haired tabby cat injured by a firecracker . She is living at the Richland County Humane Society having left the Phillips Animal hospital. She … please continue reading

British veterinarian allowed cats and dogs to starve in secret dungeon at his veterinary practice

Samuel a vet who abused cats and dogs

Gary Samuel and his assistant/lover Rochelle McEwan, together, allowed eight cats and 24 dogs to starve in a dark dungeon underneath their veterinary clinic. When the police entered the establishment Samuel was sitting on a bed with a laptop on … please continue reading