I neutered my cat (removal of testicles). Is he transgender?

Young androgynous man and his ginger tabby cat in an old painting

Transgenderism is in the news a lot these days. Being a cat ‘expert’ 😃😎 I considered whether neutering male cats makes them transgender as the operation removes that part of the anatomy which produces testosterone; a hormone which makes a male cat male (see below for more on this). The question in the title …

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21 human sexualities and gender identities listed. The male tortoiseshell might understand.

Flags of the spectrum of sexualities and gender identities

Of course, cats don’t recognise the 21 different sexualities and gender identities that appear to be accepted nowadays. It is a different world to the way it was 10 years ago. I fully accept these identities and sexualities. I’ve always believed that there is a spectrum of feelings about one’s sexuality and gender. Although …

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Cat, man or woman? Scarlet Blake the cat-torturing murderer

Cat, man or woman? - Scarlet Blake

OPINION: You can take your pick in the modern world on whether Scarlet Blake, the notorious, transgender cat-torturing man-murderer is a woman, a man or even a cat. Yes, she self-identified as a cat and the police confirmed that she had a cat microchip inserted in her chest. The police checked with a microchip …

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Scarlet Blake sentenced to 6 months imprisonment for her torture and killing of a cat

Scarlet Blake in prison

News media reports that the judge at Scarlet Blake’s sentencing trial has imposed concurrent two and four-month sentences relating to the cat killing. She received a 24-year prison sentence for killing a man without parole. It’s not clear to me why the sentencing for the cat killing is in two parts. Perhaps it relates …

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