Cat Rescue Guy: Cat stuck in a tree? Look him up in the cat directory

Do you have a cat stuck in a tree? There’s a directory for that! Not only it the directory for ‘treed’ cat rescuers in the United States but around the world.

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This story pays tribute to Randall Kolb AKA Cat Rescue Guy. He has a Facebook page, a website, and a YouTube channel. Randall is really ‘into’ rescuing cats in distress.

Randall has a lot of information available on his website, including a brief history of why he decided to become a cat rescuer.

“I worked for Information Technology Services at LSU for many years and retired from there in 2013.  Two days after I retired, my wife came home from a walk in the neighborhood and told me she found a cat stuck in a tree a block away.  No one knew the cat’s owner, so I took responsibility for the cat.  I began looking for someone who could rescue him and found myself running into frustrating dead-ends everywhere I turned.  I felt so helpless.  The cat wanted down, and I wanted to get him, but we had no way to make that happen.

After a full day of failures, I finally found the directory of cat rescuers mentioned earlier.  I checked the listings for Louisiana and found one guy listed for the Baton Rouge area.  I called him and he came out that evening to rescue the cat.  When I saw how he did it, I was so impressed that I decided right then that I wanted to learn how to do that myself.”

Take a look at this YouTube video of a cat Randall rescued earlier this week.

Randall practiced climbing for about a year before notifying his local Animal Control that he was available to help. Animal Control receives around 50 calls each year asking for help for cats stuck in trees. Those calls are now referred to Randall.

Great job, Randall. This article shows that as long as there are trees there will be men willing to climb them.

Randall’s links

Youtube, Facebook, Website

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

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