Cat Swallows Christmas Tree

Cat Swallows Christmas Tree

by Michael

Photo by Ambrosio Photography - this is not the cat referred to.

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Photo by Ambrosio Photography - this is not the cat referred to.

Yes, we know that Christmas trees can be a source of irritation for people at Christmas, who keep cats because sometimes cats like to get involved in the tree particularly if you're a Norwegian Forest Cat and used to climbing 'em.

But this story is about a cat who got irritated (inside) when she swallowed a Christmas tree. And no, it wasn't the real thing!

But is was a decent size as it was a Christmas decoration. Foreign objects can cause a lot of illness. And in this case the symptoms were chronic vomiting accompanied by weight loss and looking ill (unsurprisingly).

An X ray showed a Christmas decoration tree inside her intestine.

It has a funny side but a serious consequence. It is the time of year when humans argue and cats are exposed to some new hazards such as decorations, toys, lighting, shiny objects and turkey bones (keep that turkey under wraps!). And the fresh potential for trouble leads occasionally to it actually happening.

Apparently there is an increase in the swallowing of "foreign objects" at Christmas.

Chocolate is toxic to cats and some of us like a nibble of the odd chocy after dinner. Watch those chocs and those papers!

Of course all the paper and silver stuff are great homemade cat toys too but a little bit of judicious care can go a long way to avoid turning a fun time into a bit of a nightmare.

That goes for the arguments too!

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Cat Swallows Christmas Tree

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Dec 19, 2009 Ribbons and Strings
by: Riverside Robyn

Shiny things hanging from strings are a temptation for the playful cat. Another problem for some of my cats has been thin ribbons--I've taken over a foot of ribbon out of a cat's mouth more than once. The cure for this is to use wider ribbon & stick-on bows, disposing of the wrappings as soon as possible after the gifts are opened.

Dec 18, 2009 Toxic goodies
by: Jan Plant

What a great point.I just wrote a piece on this for all pets!Our inside pets love to climb,and christmas trees are all that more appealing with the twinkling lights and shiny ornaments!What a timely reminder.Also our outside cats love the house decorations.One of our ferals had to be rescued from getting his paw tangled in the rope garland.Thank goodness I only decorated our entry way,and stapled it all down.And God Bless the inventor of welding gloves!LOL!

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